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  1. davalav

    Post Your Favorite Pic Of Your Car

    It has! I'll try and pop over soon and check it out :) Hope the family are all well!
  2. davalav


    Hi Adam, Good to have you! Feel free to navigate the forum and participate in a few threads, please pop up a Project Thread on your Octavia! I've never really seen many of 4x4 Octavias - So would love to see your progress. Cheers
  3. davalav

    Help with Coilovers!

    Hey guys Been a while and hope all the usual members are okay? I've been absent from the forum, I think now; for over a year! I do apologise! Been busy. Anyway, I bought another R56 after my last relationship ended (Was 2 months away from Marriage!! - Phewww lol) Had it now for nearly 8 months...
  4. davalav

    Post Your Favorite Pic Of Your Car

    Holy hell, this has come along massively since I last saw it in person!! Garage looks awesome too :)
  5. davalav

    Ford Fiesta ST 150

    Hi all Here are some pics of my new ST150! Epic little car, I love it. Handles beautifully and goes very well for a 2.0l NA I'll update as and when something new happens! Cheers
  6. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    No more updates with this my man, feel free to close, but keep pinned? Some good info in here incase any one else wants advice on Mini tuning.
  7. davalav

    new daily driver Fiesta ST 180

    Alright mate? Not been on for a long time! Just so busy all the time lately. I thought I recoqnised your username on FiestaSTOC lol Blunty83? I picked up an ST150 for the other half a few weeks ago! LOVE IT. One of the best cars I've driven. ST180 looks spanking, what BHP do these CP2 maps...
  8. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Cost too much to run (Didn't use it that often) and put my back out getting a child's seat in and out every now and then!
  9. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Mini has now been sold! I no longer own her and miss it very much :(
  10. davalav

    GAP Insurance

    Just sound like a big con. Nope, all her finance info is in a folder and no sighting of a GAP Insurance policy!
  11. davalav

    GAP Insurance

    Hey all! Apologies for not being on much, been mega busy lately. So I need to ask for some advice on behalf of my other half about GAP insurance policies. So, before I met her she took out a small finance deal on a little Fiesta for like £100 a month or something close around 2 years ago...
  12. davalav

    2015 GTR

    Welcome! Once you hit 10 posts, I'm sure we'd all love to see this monster!
  13. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Yes and no. Discs are superb but the green stuff pads are a let down after a while! Need new ones. Clutch is awesome, went to Leeds the other week and bedded it in and the bite is amazing. So... Alot has happened as most of you know and I am getting fed up of having to scramble in and out of...
  14. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Thermostat fitted, bled and running great. No pictures as it was a ball ache of a job but car is going in for the new clutch tonight! Cannot wait!
  15. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Indeed, the Pug RCZ-R Turbo is over 5mm bigger!
  16. davalav

    Brembo or genuine?

    Yugguy, shame I didn't see this thread before. Last year I bought some GTT Tuning discs (Renowned Mini Specialists) and some Kevlar pads that come with it. From the outset, They were so much better then OEM but if I drove the car hard then they faded very quickly. Fast forward to my last few...
  17. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    The exhaust ports on the head are fine and the overall design of the head is pretty good. The issue lies with the manifold and turbo. The manifold ports do not match up with the head too well and the twin scroll turbo ports do not match true with the manifold. haha... Bit of a mess. Cheap...
  18. davalav

    Project Ares: Daily hot street '95 BMW 540i

    Project looks great mate! Love the coilpacks, are they Akada Plasma Coils? Some nice BBS LMs will looks awesome on this! :)
  19. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    I know... One thing after another. It's worth it though :)
  20. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Anyway... So much clutch has pretty much gone and my car sprung a nice big coolant leak from the thermostat housing. So purchased a new one and will fit once it arrives.
  21. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    LOL... I know :) They are very fast little cars once modified. Pretty quick standard, mind! Some people have Forged them and are running like 350bhp with a larger turbo.
  22. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    As mine is a standard Cooper S, the exhaust and turbo ports are terribly matched so flow isn't great and the turbo is smaller by a few mm. Max HP on a Cooper S with similar mods to mine is about 240-250 Flywheel and about 225bhp at the wheels. Mini's suffer minimal drivetrain loss which is good...
  23. davalav

    Fastest speed you've hit in a car

    Bit naughty but rest assured road was pretty empty (a303) I was having a play with a Mk5 Golf R32 and sat behind it all the way up to 150mph but backed off very quickly when I realised how fast I was going would have hit 160mph if I kept going as the revs allowed... Passenger in the Golf kept...
  24. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Cheers Oz! Hopefully by Xmas I'll have saved enough for a new turbo! ;)
  25. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    The old discs were glazed beyond anything... oops. Green stuff pads and new brake fluid and bleed and the car stops very well! Even better when they are hot! :)
  26. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Some upgrades! Whoop! Old Disc: New Disc:
  27. davalav

    Hyperthetical question

    I often thought about selling a kidney so I could afford to save a Ford Escort Cosworth RS from being scrapped. This bloke lived around the corner from me when I was with my Ex, he had a S1 Escort turbo and a Sierra Cosworth and all were rotten and covered in green mold. It was literally heart...
  28. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Cheers Steve! He is alright, has a baby on the way and due in one month too! Keeping an eye on him and he comes to mums every Sunday to work in the garden and around the house helping her out. Os, its nice to see everyone is still here! :) I know mate... These little cars are ballistic once...
  29. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Right... Being DI Petrol engine, Mini thought it be a good bloody idea to vent any excess crank case pressure up through the inlet (I think) On top of the engines design, oil and gunk circulates the engine and eventually clogs the back of the Intake valves, causing many issues. Hence the...
  30. davalav

    Daves Cooper S

    Hey everyone! Been very, very busy for a while and had so much in my life change since Xmas. 1. Back in November/ December Me and the otherhalf, had been having issues... Decided to pay for a trip to Burne in Switzerland and meet her Dad out there and try and re kindle the relationship. Long...
  31. davalav

    picks of my engine bay

    Been a while since I have been logged onto the forum... Colin, WOW! This is so epic! I am a little curious on road laws regarding twin engine cars? Do they need a special form of MOT or as long as its taxed and MOT'd, its usable on the road?
  32. davalav

    Do dents in your exhaust manifold (header) rob the engine of power?

    That's one way to restrict power output!
  33. davalav

    Chatting to strangers about their cars

    I find it quite nice actually, being able to talk to complete strangers about your hobby! I met a guy called Dan who owns a gorgeous Integra, we ended up chatting until about 2 in the morning. LOL
  34. davalav

    What have you found in you car?

    Golf Tee's in my Mini!
  35. davalav

    The ultimate drivers car

    Most hot hatches really. Some have silly power and are great to drive! Plus, with older Hatches, they dont come with alot of gadgets we get now.
  36. davalav

    Tell us your speed awareness course experiences

    I was caught speeding coming home, going around Cambridge. It was a right laugh actually. All the guys/girls there and the staff giving the course were really funny and good fun. I'm certainly more careful now though and I now tend to attempt to get my fuel economy back up.
  37. davalav

    Your thoughts on stanced cars, are they safe

    I love your sense of humour.
  38. davalav

    New road sign

  39. davalav

    What is the best track day car

    For £1.5k you could buy a Golf gti 1.8T then with the remaining, sort the handling. Plus for free you can strip it!! BUy buckets and some engine modifications and you'll have a tidy, fast car.
  40. davalav

    why do people modify small engines?

    Indeed mate. There used to be a Saxo VTR around my way that was insanely loud. I love loud cars, but that was unpleasant, the chav who owned it has since upgraded to a Clio 182.