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    grooved discs

    I recently purchased some abbott racing grooved and dimpled discs for my saab they came with green stuff pads to suit, i have had them fitted but seem to make a clicking/ticking noise now when going along, the fitter said this is normal as the pads do touch the discs, what do you think??:blink:
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    Spare parts

    Hi all my colleague has just purchased a 1980 450 sl, does anyone know a good source for parts? THANKS
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    Hello all! I have a set of Saab 17" alloys which i think are called Daytona, they need a refurb, does anyone know how much they are worth? i did read that they are quite rare and sought after???????
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    front door speakers

    Does any one know what speakers are fitted in the doors of my 1996 900 se turbo convertible, the drivers side i think has blown, just wanted to see if i can get an idea before taking the door cards off, thanks y`all
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    Tips for extra performance?

    Hello All I have a 96 900se vert FPT and recently had an Abbott Racing upgrade on the ECU which they estimated would give me an extra 40 bhp, i must say its fantastic improvement... does anyone now if there is anything else i can do to squeeeeze a bit more bhp at a low cost? someone said that...