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  1. t5frankie

    My two toys

    Just though i'd write and share a list of my mods, what do you lot think? VOLVO S70R Manual Strut brace Roose motorsport orange silicone hoses Group A cosworth pipercross induction kit Orange Bailey dv26 dump valve and forge blanking plate 19t turbo Stainless steel Powerflow turbo back exhaust...
  2. t5frankie

    my v70r at cadwell

    Just thought i'd share a few pics of my v70r at cadwel park last saturday.
  3. t5frankie

    Track day ticket, cadwell park 11/02/12

    Due to my cars gearbox doing one at santa pod on sunday i can no longer make this event at cadwell park next weekend on the 11th february, i paid £109 for myself and a passenger so i'm looking for offers. details..
  4. t5frankie

    latest pics of car

    what do you think?
  5. t5frankie

    v70r dyno run

    just thought i'd share my dyno run that i did at the weekend its unmapped and made 298.1bhp
  6. t5frankie

    my v70r

    I thought id put these in the right place its a 1998 volvo v70r front wheel drive version with manual gearbox (rare) ive had it a year and done quite alot to it in the time i've had it with more to come, should be running around 330bhp at the minute. HLM 310 remap Td04-19t turbo...
  7. t5frankie

    Another newbie....

    Hi thought i would introduce myself i am a fast car loon, i have just bought an accord type r but my secret weapon is my 330bhp volvo v70r that i use for shows and for nice weekends, here is a couple of pics of my cars