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  1. Celtic Eagle

    I need some info

    Ok I don't have a diesel but I am thinking of a change due to running costs of my Golf. Now I don't know much about diesels and so what are the advantages and what are the downsides. I use a car for commuting so a lot of my driving is around town with the occasional trip up to the North east...
  2. Celtic Eagle

    Golf Mk lll Fuel consumption

    Well guys and gals as you can see from my sig I run a Mk lll 1.8 GL and I reckon I'm getting about 32 to the gallon which to me is really scary cos it means she drinking me out of house and home and will have to go if I can't improve things. Right a bit of background, I drive for ecomomy as...
  3. Celtic Eagle

    Advice please

    I have to park my motor on the road her Jazz is in the drive! Now it's a narrow road and you have to park part on the footpath which means going up the kerb I've been reading some threads on here about tyre damage and it set me thinking. I drive slowly up on the kerb but I am now thinking this...
  4. Celtic Eagle

    Carpet protection

    Ok so we get in the car shoes dirty and it gets in the carpet. Now what's the best way to keep it clean two ideas spring to mind get some decent mats and have them treated so they can just be brushed off or use clear vinyl cover mates . What does the team think? Any other ideas? Celtic Eagle
  5. Celtic Eagle

    Hello from Rochdale

    Just a quick post to say hello to everyone. I drive a '96 Golf Mklll GL which I am restoring to it's former glory usual bits of shell work for a '96 required I'll post some pics when I get chance. Looking forward to chatting and relearning a lot of stuff I've forgot :) Cheers