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    What would you do? Failed compression.

    Anyone who doesn't know, I blew up my cobalt a while ago...I took the car to a mechanic that I thought I could trust and he screwed me. Not going to tell the long version of the story. so.. rebuilt block and head, reinstalled and tuned, then the problems started. lots of problems...another...
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    Finally got a 3rd car.

    The Cobalt has been messed up due to a crappy mechanic and we're tired of chasing problems and being stranded. We didn't want to get rid of it. It's an awesome car and it's as fast as we need it to be. It's just that fixing problems, getting stuck on the side of the road (or in the middle...
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    How do you feel after driving another car?

    To be more precise, after you drive a newer car than yours, or a friends car, then get back into your own, how do you feel? better about your car? or worse? For me, until I started buying sports cars, Every car I got into made whatever I owned feel sluggish and boring. The 2002...
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    What's going to be your next car?

    For me, it'll most likely be an Audi s4. 2006 is ther year I want. The reasoning? I am going to need a 4 door car for when my wife finally gets pregnant and has a baby. We also want a car that runs on CNG to help save on gas going back and forth to work. Or perhaps a full electric, like a chevy...
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    Back with a new car.

    Hey folks, I haven't been on here for a while. Still doing my radar thing. Been pretty care free here. To the point that we got ourselves a car! :) It's a 2006 chevy cobalt ss supercharged. it has about 209whp and 185 tq which is up from 205bhp. Has some mods done already, like a zzp stage...
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    Hello!!! Mustang in Utah here :) Having fun?

    Hi. My name is Mike and I recently got a job working on radar in Utah! It's fun out here, but you want to hear about the cars, right? Well, I have a 1985 Mustang GT 5.0. The current condition/mods on the car are as follows from the most fun to the least: Edelbrock performer RPM intake...