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  1. geraint13

    Zafira Cruise Control

    Hi gents, long time no speak. I now own a 2007 zafira. Recently changed the gearbox and clutch. The gearbox has a slightly different ratio in 6th. Its longer. The cruise works fine in 4/5th gear but because of the difference in ratio in 6th it won't engage. Everything else is fine with box...
  2. geraint13

    Car Change

    hiya guys, finally changed the fun bus (Sedona) got a black insignia sri diesel auto. Had it 6 weeks and the DPF has packed in. Anyway, £1300 later for a new one, (came under warranty so I didn't have to pay). How are these removed now they check for them at the MOT ?
  3. geraint13

    Date set !!

    so, after me and mrs being together for 13 years, we have (or should I say, she has told me) decided to cut short my freedom and get hitched. Sep 26th this year. I must of had a moment of madness to agree as I have always maintained that I never wanted that certificate. needless to say my life...
  4. geraint13

    finally out of limp home mode !!

    took the car to kia yesterday to get the fault codes read. Came back with a cam shaft sensor fault. they tested the sensor and it was working fine so cleaned the sensor and connections and plugged it in and started the car and it rev'd past the magic 2700 with the injection and turbo kicking in...
  5. geraint13

    new money pit

    hi guys, bought myself a Sedona 2.9crdi 02 plate. its got a couple of issues. wont rev past 2700rpm, and has an oil leak, not too severe though, and passenger window is knackered. all this joy for £250.
  6. geraint13

    Lexus CT200h

    im being given one these as a company car. any one have any views on these ?
  7. geraint13

    moving abroad

    Well I've decided to up sticks and move to Canada to work. Should be over there for begining of April. Family should be over there by august. Big decision I know but I can't find any work and the money is better and quality of life improved. On a car front, fuel is 38 cents a litre. For petrol...
  8. geraint13

    new engine ordered :)

    Haven't been posting for a while but here's an update for me...... Taken old engine out and ordered reconditioned one at a cost of 840 quid. Including cat and delivery. Found out that the swirl flaps wasn't the cause of this. When I stripped the engine they where all in tact. Blanking plates...
  9. geraint13

    info please people

    Been shopping round to get a new block for the beamer. As you know I'm no mechanic but a firm tried to tell me that a 2008 block is the same as mine. But I know that in 2003 Bmw upped the output from 184 to 203 bhp. Anyone confirm or deny this ? Is it the same block ? How do I find out ? The...
  10. geraint13

    car broke

    Well Thursday was a bad day for me. Taking me family shopping and on the way the car cut out and refused to turn over. Rolled it back on a hill and oil over the road. Crank is bust. Hasn't sent any con rods through the block but its fair to say its knackered. Been getting some quotes for new...
  11. geraint13

    miles and smiles

    Well, my car done me proud, 75 quids of fuel and a shade under 580 miles done and just under a quarter of tank left. :) Averaged 50 mpg, whilst on hols.
  12. geraint13


    Is this still going ? Who was last months winner if it is ! I'm only asking as I've been here for 3 years and I still haven't got one lol. Not that I'm going for the sympathy vote as I know your all as sympathetic as a sledge hammer !! Lmao. Just wondering lads ;)
  13. geraint13

    this weekend

    Has anyone seen how dirty the rain is at the moment ? Apparently there's been a massive sandstorm somewhere (sahara I think) and it has picked loads of dust. Where its in the atmosphere the rain has picked it all up, on the way down, and dropped it on my car. That's what it seems. Anyone else...
  14. geraint13

    need a new job

    Been ringing round for the last week to find work after I've recovered from my operation. Circa, 18th July, no luck. I've spoken to 32 roofing firms in th southern half of Wales and England. Anyway, can you think of any sectors that could use a dopey welshman gate crashing there workplace ?
  15. geraint13

    bits you dont notice

    Went round my car today and noticed a few things. A bit of work needs to be done on the alloys. Flaking, common I hear. Front skirt an bonnet needs looking at and a few light scratches. Going to start pricing alloy refurbs and get the paint work priced.
  16. geraint13


    Any one been watching the nutters in the touring cars ? Got to be fair, its still as brilliant as ever. The variation in cars is compelling viewing. I still think its the best viewers motorsport for excitement.
  17. geraint13

    bought me a new toy

    I am nw the proud owner of a BMW again. I bought a 330d. E46 shape on a 51 plate. So the 184 bhp model. Am very happy about it.
  18. geraint13

    mondeo is now working

    Ford have had my car since sat trying to find the starting problem. After 3 days of searching, so they tell me, and a cost of 275 quid they informed me a wire had come lose on the diesel pump. Happy days. Not happy with the price they charged me though.
  19. geraint13

    when is the right time to speed ?

    I got done for speeding late last year. 37 in 30. Going on to a 60mph road. Instead of 3 points and 60 quid fine i opted for the speed awareness Course which is 85 quid. Don't get the points etc. I was asked the question above and my answer was when I deem it safe to do so. You can imagine...
  20. geraint13

    mondeo wont start

    Had my flywheel and clutch done. My car won't start now. Changing the crankshaft sensor changed today. Also had it put on diagnostics and a couple of fault codes came up. The engine goes to start but won't fire. The glow plug light flashes afterwards. Any ideas lads ?
  21. geraint13

    towing vehicles

    You will probaly laugh at this. Was getting towed hme last week as my clutch went on the mondeo when an idiot slammed his brakes on when a set of lights was just turning to amber causing me to hit my brother in laws car. Gauged his alloy and a few scratches on his bumper. Mine needs a new...
  22. geraint13

    dmf and clutch

    well my dmf (duel mass fly wheel) bit the dust and am now in the process of getting it rpaired. what an expensive piece of kit to have done :amazed::amazed: one garage quoted me £950. i nearly curled up and died. lmao most of the other garages quoted me £700 ish. But true to form, its not...
  23. geraint13

    how lmao

    was drivin up the bypass bout 80 and my front indicator fell out and clipped my wing mirror, forcing it to go back and hitting the glass out. Luckily the glass was held on by the wires for the heted mirrrors. The clips that hold the indicator lense snapped. Am not impressed. Lol.
  24. geraint13

    330d vs 325 tds

    im in need of opinions gents n ladies. As u all know i got the 325 and will have the cas to start modding it alot. So was looking thru ebay and just for a thought i starrted looking at 330d. They range frm 2k to 6k and was thinking should i just forget about doing the 325 and just get a 330 as...
  25. geraint13

    my project starts in july !!

    hi peeps, been rather busy lately and a few things have changed with me. Im nw back into roofing for a one off job to get my car fund well and truly topped up. Im looking to spend bout £3000 on the old girl. This is what ive priced up so far. Coilovers, nos, new alloys, bodykit, remap...
  26. geraint13

    mmmm, nice car if i could have this i would, check out the top gear website for pics of the recent motorshw in geneva, some really really nice cars :bigsmile::bigsmile:
  27. geraint13

    my mad little mind lol

    the veyron is a W16 type of engine correct ? 2 V8's stuck together in laymans terms (thats my level) so why havent manufactors done this with other engines, like a flat 12 or is this even possible ? or is just no point ? if you double the capacity you double the power (in theory) so why not...
  28. geraint13

    what does this light mean on my e36 ?

    this light came on today after a heavy braking stint after a merc thought he could pull off quicker than F1 car. any way, i know my pads are looking quite worn so was wondering if it was a warning light for that. the light on the right is the handbrake light, its the one next to it...
  29. geraint13

    bmw oil for 325 tds

    my mileage has dropped dramatically for work and im wondering if theres an oil out there thats good for short journeys >3 miles one way. oilman, looking at you here mate lol ;)
  30. geraint13

    damaging my car ?

    i am now working less than 3 miles from home and was wondering if driving such a short distance every day is doing damage to my car. i havent noticed anything or nothing is wrong. if i am damaging it, how can i slow it down or stop it completely (apart from walking)
  31. geraint13

    bore size

    does the bore size matter on wheel fitments ? my car has a bore size of 72.6, the wheels i am thinking of buying are 74.1. thats a difference of 1.5. the wheels are bigger by the said 1.5. any advice ? cheers lads/ladies :blink1:
  32. geraint13

    325tds starting probs when warm

    i had this problem starting the car when it was warm, not cold lol. apparently its a common fault with tds engine that is in it (may apply to some discoveries aswell). fixed with a hot start chip off ebay for £35ish. done the trick so will recomend it.
  33. geraint13

    Ferrari SA APERTA

    What you all think of this then ? i like it, looks quite pretty and by the sounds got a half decent go aswell
  34. geraint13

    clutch cable tips

    on me mams golf td the cluctch cable holder that attaches to the arm that comes off the gearbox has died a death. does anyone have any tips to put it back on, as i tried it and its one hell of a stretch to get the cable back on ? tried taking it off the pedal end with no joy so if anyone has...
  35. geraint13

    wheel tracking ?

    have noticed that my tracking is out on the fronts on the bmw. then also noticed un even wear on the backs aswell. do you have to get the backs tracked aswell as the fronts on rwd as i have never had rears tracked before ? the wear on the back goes as follows :- thin on inside of tyre going to...
  36. geraint13

    ouch !!!! a stark reminder that excessive speed kills

    have a look at this clip off sky news. dont blink or youll miss it. click on the footage wording to the left...
  37. geraint13

    mods before remap ?

    now ive got myself one of bmw's best engines ive decided to start saving for a remap. £399. (celtic) to be done in the new year. (ish) anyways, would i be better doing any mods now before the remap or wait till ive had it ? the figures celtic gave me 173 bhp, up frm 143 bhp. not a bad gain at...
  38. geraint13

    XKR 75 better than an Aston DB9 ?

    jag are relesing a new and better XKR called the XKR 75. what you lot think of this ? i think it dont look as nice as DB9 or DBR but it goes alot better and i think its a really nice car.
  39. geraint13

    glow plugs

    have a question. thats new isnt it lol ? you can get better rating spark plugs that improve firing. so can you get better rating glow plugs for a diesel ? just wondered out of curiosity.
  40. geraint13

    finally found a very comprehensive manual !!!

    finally found the workshop manual for my car. it covers every model bmw have made, i think. petrol or diesel. cost me a tenner and a couple of hours messing around with my pc to read the file but everything ive wanted to know is there. happy days m8s !!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol: