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    Small loss of power/Surging problem! 9-3 linear

    So...I noticed today as I was driving about 70mph on the freeway, with a steady foot on the gas pedal, that the car was having split second losses of power. It seemed as if the car was surging. The surge is small. The boost on the turbo gauge, goes up and down the slightest but I can still feel...
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    '04 9-3 Clutch upgrade. Suggestions...?

    Hello, I own a '04 9-3 linear. I'm easily stage 3. I looked into SPEC clutches but found some mixed reviews on it. I'm a bit turned off. I then looked at Black Diamond clutch systems but started getting confused. I'm a novice when it comes to picking out the most reliable and CORRECT parts...
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    Is my turbo toasted?

    At full throttle/full boost the car putters, looses all sorts of power and violently shakes as a result of whatever is going on in the engine. The turbo does this stutter, its almost like the engine quits for a second comes back, quits again and so on unless I let off the gas. This first...
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    Tranmission oil...

    Has anyone changed their transmission oil? I am having trouble finding the bolt that would drain the transmission oil and any sort of direction as to where I could find this bolt would be appreciated.
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    Catback Exhaust + Chip = One happy boy

    Just ordered a catback exhaust from Genuinesaab and sent my ECU to get remapped. Has anyone done the catback exhaust themselves? It shouldn't be difficult (I think). I have a lift so I'm going to try and get it done this weekend. Any advice?
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    Clicking Sound...?

    Hello all, I have an 04 9-3. When I get on it I can hear a faint clicking sound which seems to be coming from deep inside the engine. I changed the spark plugs the other night and found that one of them was loose. I figured that that loose spark plug was causing that clicking sound. However...