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  1. J0K3R

    Prelude Paintjob

    It's a 4th gen Lude in green, and when I got it it had a fair few body imperfections, in the form of scratches and mini dents. I'm thinking of repainting it electric blue with a black bonnet and spoiler. What do ya think?
  2. J0K3R

    93 2.3 Prelude auto.

    Right, i'm buying one of these and i want to know what i can do with it. Someone told me i can make it into a vtec with not too much work. I've taken this with a pinch of salt, but i want to know if it was possible. Thanks.
  3. J0K3R

    Fuel Filter

    Been trying to change the fuel filter on my car, but the nuts around it are rusted shut. I'm going to keep spraying it with WD40 over the next few days and try again in a few days, but has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve it?
  4. J0K3R

    Is it worth being a Minicab driver?

    Looking into the rules and regs for becoming a Private Hire Driver here: Made me think twice about doing it. Thoughts?
  5. J0K3R

    Colouring stock alloys

    Anyone know how I would have to prep the alloys if I were interested in coloring them? Want to do it DIY as opposed to getting it done pro. Thanks.
  6. J0K3R

    My exhaust fell off tody =D

    So I was driving from my friends house when I heard the exhaust start scraping. As I was looking for somewhere to stop I heard a thunk and one glance in the rear view made me chuckle as I saw my exhaust spinning. The rubber mount had split and caused it to just drop off. Luckily it came off at a...
  7. J0K3R

    First attempt at major body mod.

    So I have a Daewoo Espero. It's a piece of crap, but I'm using it to learn on. Where it' been debadged at the front there's some minor damage, and behind this section sits the Radiator. I'm looking to cut a section of this metal ouit and put in a grill to increase airflow into the engine bay and...
  8. J0K3R

    Has anyone had any experience with this company? I've sent off for a quote on a basic remap and a suspension kit. Was just wondering if anyone had any experience with them, and anything to say about them, either positive or negative?
  9. J0K3R


    I'm buying an Espero and I want to know where to find parts for it, but I have no forum t ask this question in! Lol.
  10. J0K3R

    What car should i buy?

    So i want to spend preferably under 1500, with a 1.8 engine, 5 door, boot space and the potential for the engine to be juiced for alot of power. I've been looking at rover 200's which are kicking out 145 on a stock 1.8, but i thought i'd get the opinion of you lot first. =]
  11. J0K3R

    Benefits/Power Gains?

    How big of a benefit would there be from stripping down my mk5 Escorts 1.4 lump and giving it a thorough good clean and maybe even replace some parts? Am I looking at any significant power gains? What about doing the same thing to a 2.5 V6 Mondeo lump that I'm thinking of dropping in? Lol.
  12. J0K3R

    1.4 mk5 suspension kit

    What's the cheapest i can get a full set of 35mm drop springs and shocks. I've been shopping around online a fair bit but have yet to turn up anything under 250. Help! Contemplating buying an rs instead of what i have.
  13. J0K3R

    Turbo from one car to another...

    Ok, in my local breakers yard I found a Jap import 3.0 twin turbo Nissan 350zx. Is it possible to attach one or both of the turbo's onto a Ford 2.5 v6 Zetec engine? Would it practically work? Would it be more difficult than sourcing a turbo from a Ford donor vehicle and installing that? If it's...
  14. J0K3R

    Absolute disaster/I'm an idiot.

    Story in a nutshell: I bought a ten grand 07 Mondeo ST 2.2tdci on credit. I can't afford to pay it back so now I have to sell the car and clear the credit agreement with the money I make and go back to driving my 1994 1.4 Escort. As you can imagine, I feel like an idiot and I'm going to feel...
  15. J0K3R

    Personalised plates.

    How would I go about getting a plate that reads J0K3R? I've tried through DVLA but they only offer the option to use existing plate setups, like XX00 XXX and X000 XXX. The setup I'm looking for would be X0X0X with the O and E being zero and three. Any ideas? I'm just brainstorming at the moment...
  16. J0K3R

    Vented Bonnets

    Where can I pick up a vented bonnet for my mk3, as I want something to beef up the front of my motor a little. Contemplating a massive spoiler as well, lol.
  17. J0K3R

    1994 Ford Escort (white)

    Nothing wrong with it, just looking to sell it to repay my nan for the deposit she lent me for my new car. I'm looking for £500 on it. Call me on 07852988775 if you're interested.
  18. J0K3R

    Me saying Hello.

    Hi, my name's Dan, I'm 22 and have just bought myself an 07 plate 2.2tdci Ford Mondeo ST. Pretty tasty little car after having a succession of useless motors that all took well over 13 seconds to hit 60. I've only been driving a year and a half, and have only had an interest in what go's on...