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    Lexus RX300

    Hi guys My brother has just bought a lexus rx300 auto 3.0. Its lovely to look at and very comfy with loads of gadgets including parking camera's! I havent heard much about the rx300, what do you guys think of it?
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    Lexus RX300 your thoughts

    Hi guys My brother has just bought a lexus rx300 auto 3.0. Its lovely to look at and very comfy with loads of gadgets including parking camera's! I havent heard much about the rx300, what do you guys think of it?
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    Car Value?

    Does anyone know a free site for car valuations, rather than paying the Glass's guide?
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    Rumour or Fact?

    I'm afraid i dont remember this in the highway code book (and cant find mine to check!). I was told today, that by law, we are only required to give way to Ambulances with flashing blue lights, we do NOT need to give way to fire engines or police cars!!!! Can anyone confirm? I would usually...
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    speed bumps........whoops

    I have just came back from going a drive with my friend and we were killing ourselves laughing. We were behind a vauxhall astra, it had all the body kit on it and had been lowered, car itself looked really nice, but we came up to speed bumps and we heard an almighty crack and the astra stopped...
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    Does Van Drivers = Nose Picking?

    I have passed 3 vans in a matter of minutes today and every guy driving it was picking his nose! Is this someting that you need to do if you drive a van or was i just unlucky seeing this?
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    Trooper Brakes

    The braking system in my trooper in knackered. Got new pads, discs etc, but still not stopping! I have checked pipes for leaks. Do you think best option is to drain system and start again?
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    Keeping the Kids Quiet

    My neighbour got 4 individual dvd players fitted to the car, cause her 4 kids always fight over what to do in the car. Her 2 boys use theirs for playing their playstation and the 2 girls usually watch films. I dont have kids, but what ever happened to old fashioned games like i
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    AAARRGGHHH!!!!! - Car Christmas Decorations

    Ba Humbug!!!! I dont do Christmas at the best of times, but what really cheeses me off it stupid people decorating their cars with stupid things. I tried to take a picture on my mobile to download to show you, but it was too dark and blurry. I passed a car who had put tinsel round all his...
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    Hi guys, i know there wont be many 4x4 nuts like me out there, but Waynne has kindly done this section for me and other 4x4 geeks. To show how nuts i am about my 4x4, i got the chance of a mpv, but just couldnt bare to part with my trooper, gonna hang out for a lwb trooper or a double cab...
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    Fiat Ulysse 1.9TD

    Hi guys, i am looking to exchange my trooper for something with more interior room, cause i need more space for my dogs, their cages and equipment. I have been offered a Fiat Ulysse 1.9TD EL, 1997 plate, 83500 miles, MOT'd until next June, alloys, c/l, fogs, elec mirrors & windows, elec and...
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    4x4 section

    Waynne, any chance of getting a 4x4 section?
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    Waynne, the site is looking good!!! 8) 8)
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    New Car Ariel

    My Trooper had a accident with its ariel before i bought her, but the replacement arial is there but never been fitted. Even though i never really use the radio so dont really need the ariel, i have decided why have it just sit there. There is no instructions (i am a woman and i need to know i...
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    Pot Holes

    Right, the air is gonna be blue!!!!! I am fed up with bloomin pot holes, surely council workers drive over the same pot holes as me every day, so why do the council wait on residents to report them!!! It is just as well i have a 4x4, cause some times the pot holes are terrible...
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    Classic Cars

    Hi guys, is there any old classic cars that anyone likes? I was looking through old photo's tonight and came across my dad and his sunbeam rapier convertable. I forgot how nice this old car used to be.
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    Name that car!

    Is anyone as sad as me and name your cars? I havent named any of my cars that i have owned jointly with my husband, but my own cars always have names. My First wee car, my Fiesta was called Bertie My Citreon AX was called Bug My Volvo was called Dolylamba My Trooper is called Zuzi
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    Unluckiest Car

    Have you ever felt like you've had the unlukiest car in the world? I sold my Astra 1.6 Astra sport about 6 years ago to buy a Vauxhall Astra Estate (for my dogs). On way to work one morning, we heard a loud bang from the estate and then no power! Got out and oil was flowing freely from under...
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    Car Shows and Events

    Hi Guys Just wondering if there is any big car shows coming up soon or over the next year that may be of interest to us newbies to see some nice cars (not necessarily big) and meet some nice people. I've been told there is the Americana next year and the Vauxhall Car show at the Billing...
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    Newbie Here

    Hello everyone, Buddy told me all about this fun n brill site, but i'm really shy ( :wink: ), so it might take allot to get me (Buddy will disagree with I live in Scotland, love my dogs, fast bikes and BIG cars. Anyway, i drive a 3.1TD Trooper which is fully kitted...