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    Quick question on gear oil and my abused transmission

    Recently discovered that my manual transmission is bone dry. Not a sealed tranny, but it's not made to have the oil drained or replaced, ever. Takes 75W90 oil, and my current situation heavily constitutes the cheapest option. Think i can get away with using really cheap full synthetic and...
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    Of Probes and plans

    Adding to the few Ford Probe posts here. This time I'm just gonna be talking about mine and all the fun stuff I want for it. Plan to throw up some quick info on these cars since the web is a little lacking later on. Got a 93' "SE" 2.0l l4 DOHC, manual transmission. Thing was all but abandoned...
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    Hey all, quick introduction here

    Really glad i came across this forum, looks very promising. Could write a book of an intro, but I'll try to keep it short and simple. NW U.S., 24, Male. Current car: 93' Ford Probe, 2.0 DOHC l4, 5 speed. Never been a Ford guy, but already in love with this car and the potential i see in it...