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    Bad drivers

    Really wish people would take blinkers more seriously. Maybe it was just an irregular mistake, but a lot of people here either use the wrong signal or don't use them at all. Very dangerous. Good job on staying aware of other drivers, saved both of you a lot of hastle and money, can only...
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    Does anyone know what this sensor is ?

    Could be some kind of o2 sensor, maybe an air heat sensor/regulator? Just basing that on the description, to me that just looks like a lead plug. What car, and can you show the end of the sensor?
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    No spark.

    May sound dumb, but any time I've had an issue like this it's always been something too simple to even think about. Plugs gapped? Relays and fuses good? No corrosion on plug wires/links? Haven't happened to hit a fuel cutout lately? Maybe double check all of your leads and connections with...
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    Which colors for my brake disc calipers?

    If you plan to change the rims to something that might show off your calipers a bit more, maybe think about a slate or gunmetal grey, with white manufacturer print. I also like the idea of the yellow behind the black rims, but it may be a bit much for your cars style. Don't want to lose class...
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    Poor driving

    Recently moved to CA, can confirm that some, if not most, general drivers are either ignorant and/or entitled. Either don't seem to realize these things can cause accidents, or assume everyone else is paying attention for them. Slightly Infuriating.
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    Of Probes and plans

    My bad... Assumed "fast road cams" was 'Fast Road Cams'. Like a manufacturer or brand.
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    Of Probes and plans

    I'll definitely try to stay up to date on it. If i can get my money right I hope to replace quite a few engine gaskets, get rid of some mild rust, and get the by pretty/protected with some paint. Thinking matt black with metalic crimson/deep violet for trim/piping. I haven't been made aware of...
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    Quick question on gear oil and my abused transmission

    Strange thing is that it's running smooth. I put some recommended additive so it's not fully dry now, and no leaks that i can spot. Just have too many bills at the moment to get the good stuff and don't want to leave it with nothing.
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    Quick question on gear oil and my abused transmission

    Recently discovered that my manual transmission is bone dry. Not a sealed tranny, but it's not made to have the oil drained or replaced, ever. Takes 75W90 oil, and my current situation heavily constitutes the cheapest option. Think i can get away with using really cheap full synthetic and...
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    Of Probes and plans

    Adding to the few Ford Probe posts here. This time I'm just gonna be talking about mine and all the fun stuff I want for it. Plan to throw up some quick info on these cars since the web is a little lacking later on. Got a 93' "SE" 2.0l l4 DOHC, manual transmission. Thing was all but abandoned...
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    Hey all, quick introduction here

    Thanks! Wanted to share some info/progress, and answer some FAQ on the car since there isn't a lot of info on the web. The MKll is pretty much a Mazda MX-6, with a few minor contributions from Ford. Ford really only designed the shell and interior, plus a few of Ford's (personally irritating)...
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    Hey all, quick introduction here

    Really glad i came across this forum, looks very promising. Could write a book of an intro, but I'll try to keep it short and simple. NW U.S., 24, Male. Current car: 93' Ford Probe, 2.0 DOHC l4, 5 speed. Never been a Ford guy, but already in love with this car and the potential i see in it...