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    How to improve wife's Chevrolet Spark 2012

    Wife has a 2012 Chevrolet Spark. Bloody affordable and fuel efficient. Fortunately, this year's style is more rugged and confident-looking than the older Spark models. I don't mind sitting a bit uncomfortably (it's her car for Pete's sake!) and our son loves it more than my Mazda. :bigsmile...
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    Hello from newbie wheelsandbeers

    Hello everyone! Nice to become a new member here at torquecars! I'm bry, username's stating my interests! and I had my first car on 2004, a used Honda SI EM1. Sold it to my cousin in 2009 and bought my Mazda 3 in 2010. I miss my Honda I admit I still find the Em1 so cool, but my Mazda 3 is...