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    Skoda felicia engine swap... Opinions/tips??

    I was thinking about getting an 1.4 lupo gti engine and putting it in my old skoda felicia and starting a project cars, doin it cheap(ish) and after swapping out the engine mayve change the springs, anti roll bars, alloys, tyres, brakes, rear disc conversion etc!!
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    Hmmm... Help!!

    Well i suck at life but got into cars at school i worked part time at a garage mainly just watchin what tge mechanics do now i want to make a career out of as i enjoy it and want to build a car myself (prefebly a ford falcon) ive only got me level 1 in motor vehicle and now want to get into...
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    Project car, 17 years old, for learning and stuff... Help, tips please!!

    I am 17 and was thinking about gettin my neighbors old skoda felicia for 80 quid and putting a vw 1.6 polo engine or a 1.4 lupo gti engine, then change suspention to coilovers, upgrade brakes and change alloys aswell as change anti roll bars and add sway bars. Any advice or tips and thoughts...