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    up for grabs

    SOLD hello all ive won a voucher for this no good for me so is up for grabs if anyone is interested , i have the voucher details and pin number for booking what ever ride takes your fancy , im not looking...
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    saxo dials

    well just bought these from fleabay have got the blue led bulbs to replace the clear normal bulbs on the dash dials , will this be too much with these dials ?? , will i have to use normal bulbs or will...
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    engine bay cleaning

    Right i have read the post a few down about engine bay cleaning , and i know from old days that petrol engines when wet are a pain in the rear , now i have a jet wash at home (cold feed only) and the car has a lot of sensors /electrical wires and relays everywhere in my engine bay , whats the...
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    saxo dash bulbs

    Right i have the petrol guage dash light not working , are they the led type bulbs or the flat blade bulbs that just pull out from the holder , also do i have to take the steering wheel off to get the dash out ?? any help appreciated , im hoping they are the latter as i cant solder for toffee...
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    saxo vtr (picture heavy )

    well decided to give her a wash , and here she is nice and clean for 2 secs lol Hope you like her we do rob and karen
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    Best places

    Ok as you all can see we are deep down south so far 1 step and were swimming pmsl , but what i wanted to know is where the best places to buy performance /modified parts obviously with the saxo in mind as i dont think my mazda bongo can be modde'd like cars so with this in mind as ive been out...
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    Another amp problem

    Right , bought the car with the head unit amp and speakers installed already all is working apart from the amp and the sub in the boot , the amp has 12v at the main power input on the amp , and i have live at the remote from the head unit to amp , earth is sound , its a kenwood kdc7201 amp which...
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    new more mature members lol

    hello yes another new member to the boards , im on the + side of 40 and the wife wanted a hot hatch so we went and got ourselves a citreon saxo vtr been modified before we got it , Its lowered 40mm all round , magnex exhaust , induction kit , delocked , toad alarm , alloys , and a few other bits...