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    Arrogant Sods!

    I guess its a worldwide problem!!! Here in Kiev its the same(( People driving SUVs and other jeeps they think that they hired the road for themselves. They park wherever they think its comfortable for them and they block the road!!! Our police here .............. they not worth even wearing...
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    Favourite Motorsport?

    All time favourite is F1. But all kinds of motorsports I like to see and DTM I love it))
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    Fast lane or overtaking lane

    It's the overtaking lane!!!
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    Spotting Hypermilers

    Switching of the engine downhill ...... it's unsafe and can cause accidents!!! Guess these people didn't quite get it when they both a car ..... cars use petrol to work. Maybe they only afforded to buy a vehicle and they don't afford it's running costs!!!!
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    Most useful car gadgets

    Guess cruise control!
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    Private or forecourts

    2 cars bought from private. Another 2 from dealers and was satisfied. another 2 from official dealers and had many problems with their guarantee promises!!
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    Wiper blade suggestions

    Always opted for Bosch!!! They work perfect
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    Any Hyundai owners???

    Hi guys!!! Long time I wasn't here))) I just did some little mods on my Sonata too. Upgraded clutch, and waiting for new chip which will add some horses))))))
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    Safe Car seats for Children

    I think that viewing of crash tests is a must too.
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    Hello or Zdrazvuite!

    Zdrasvute!!! Kak dela???? Hi there!!!
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    Safe Car seats for Children

    Hey guys!!! It may seem a stupid question but its safety wise))) I'm due to purchase a baby seat for my daughter from 9months to 3years. I was considering Maxi Cosi Priori Isofix. Does anyone of you own this type of seat???? Is it safe, comfortable and relieble seat?????
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    Any Hyundai owners???

    Hi There!!!! Congratulations on purchasing your Hyundai mate))))
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    Any Hyundai owners???

    Hi There!!!! Congratulations on purchasing your Hyundai mate))))
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    On your mirror

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    How much oil does your car use

    I change oil every 4000kms so I never had it topped up, although I check it every week!!!
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    People don't use their brains in the snow

    I agree with you mate!!!
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    Snow updates

    In Kiev (Ukraine) snow stopped for a few days!!! It melted a bit too but at night its a nightmare to drive! Icy conditions and fog!!
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    People don't use their brains in the snow

    TCS I find it very effective in acceleration on snow and ice though;)
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    Hi there!
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    Hi there!
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    People don't use their brains in the snow

    Hi HDI!!! I have ABS, traction control system too! I agree with you that you can stop more quickly than other cars but you still have to think of braking before on snow and especially ice!!! Today, I braked in a sudden way only driving 30km/h and the car just slid. Abs kicked in and it...
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    Papa's Old 911

    Wow!!! Stunning:)
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    People don't use their brains in the snow

    Yes, sometimes people still think that driving on snow and ice the stopping distance is the same:confused:
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    Did you guys ever heard of this car??

    Well, Waynne for the price of a Ferrari you buy 6 of these cars!!! It's called Marussia B2 and it's from Russia!!! These cars are in production from October 2009 and it cost just over 100,000 Euros!!
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    Hi there!!!
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    What is the ugliest Ford ever made

    Recent granada:confused:
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    females "wrenching" on their own cars??

    I think that basics are essential! Females wrenching their cars ........ far too sexy;)
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    Hi there!!
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    Did you guys ever heard of this car??

    What do you think of this car??
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    Hi there!!! Great project:blink1:
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    New from South Africa

    Hi there!!! Not too much can be done I guess!
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    Do you find driving stressful

    Love driving!!! Heavy traffic sometimes can be very stressful for me:(
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    Hi there:)
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    Thanking other drivers

    Here in Ukraine saying thankyou to other drivers is by putting for a few flashes the hazard lights:blink1:
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    Hi there!!
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    Most annoying thing other drivers do

    People who stay in the middle lane or the fast lane and don't give way to faster drivers espesially on a motorway!!!
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    Hey Guys.

    Hi there!!!