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    New Project

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    TORQUECAR Stickers Now Available

    Colours Available: White, Black, Grey (metallic charcoal) Size: 250mm Price: £3.50 (this includes P&P)
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    LED Styling, whats your opinion?

    There seems to be more and more people converting anything and everything inside and outside of their cars to LEDs now. I think most people are past the whole ground lighting kits (not that i have anything against them on the right car) and are now converting their dash, switches, kerb lights...
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    And we have a WINNER(ish) :)

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    Guess my new wheel colour :) lol

    Had a bit of a skive from work afternoon, so decided to paint the wheels (as ya do lol :)) So now its time to guess what colour/s im gonna do :lol: Pic of first wheel all primed and ready for paint Imaginary lollypop & smiley sticker for the winner
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    What do we all make of this then????

    (Taken from link - ) For many years the quickest route (no pun intended) to obscene performance for any keen petrolhead has always been to switch engines. Goodbye to pants small capacity lump, hello to same marque more...
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    Wish i had the pennies for this

    ebay link: absolutly stunning :)
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    xbox 360 stuff for sale

    Brand new in box wireless control pad £28 Brand new still sealed FORZA £15 Wired headset £8 Brand new (not in box) messenger chat pad £20
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    Thinking about a 'design' change

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    1984/5 RX7 advice needed :)

    Need your help/advice pleeeeeeeeease going to look at a 1984/5 RX7 non turbo T-bar tomorrow have been told that a dvla check has confirmed there are only approx 40 in the uk but not sure how accurate this info is. is there anything i check other than the normal oil, not smoking etc...
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    Full Rock Band set up for xbox360

    having a clear out and decided as we dont use it its gonna have to go lol full kit including drums, guitar mic etc + game (and unlock code for all songs if you want it) got a brand new wireless guitar aswell that is still in box which i will throw in drums and stuff have only been used once...
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    20 inch Alloys with Toyo Proxes (need them sold asap)

    They fit 2000 onwards Shogun and 2005 onwards (newer model released in 2005) L200, They are in very good condition, tyres have plenty of life on them, Can make centre badges of choice for the buyer aswell (foc) Tyres are Toyo Proxes at 265/45/20 speed and load index: 108 V PCD is 6x139 As...
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    So is he or isnt the THE STIG????????

    what do we all think??????? im not too sure! :confused::(
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    Couple of Graphics applied to new car today :)

    Didnt take long :)
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    The scoobs replacement :)

    sold the scoob yesterday (making almost a 100% profit lol) and went straight down to get this. 3.0L V6 GLS model so has all the toys :) Just give her a wash and wax so heres the pics, Plans are are graphics (of course lol) Walnut dash is getting colourcoded blue to match...
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    My Job For Today :)

    Been busy today,
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    What can i replace the Impreza with???

    As some of you know the scoob is currently up for sale, originally bought as a demo car for business and thought it would be big enough for all the stuff we need to take to shows ie, gazebo, stock, tent, more stock, beer, food, bbq etc etc etc, turns out it isnt really big enough especially...
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    2x Silverstone F1 Platinum Plus Copse Corner race Day Tickets

    Im selling these as due to other commitments i am unable to go (devastated) not wanting to make any money on them, just wanting what was paid ono. £650 ono (website where i bought them from for 329 each just so you can see looks...
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    Classic scoobie help needed

    Coming back from fitting some stickers on sunday and car decided to lose power, had been driving for about 40 minutes on motorway, some of which was in heavy downpour boost started spiking up to 20psi then lost power, pulled over and car was starting but really bad fluctuation on idle, managed...
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    XBox 360 Wireless guitars for sale

    I have 2 brand new in box never been used, wireless guitars for the xbox 360 for sale. perfect if you want to play 2 player. £30 each i have been to post office this morning and checked postage costs and sending them recorded via royal mail will be £7 as weigh 2.2kg. pm or text...
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    My Most Recent Design Work

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    The scoob's done :) (almost)

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    Gotta give this lad credit :)

    Made me giggle :) suppose its one way to get your 'car for sale' advert noticed lol you will need to open link and click on each picture to get the full effect (please dont post the pics in here as a 'so you dont have to click link'...
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    Whooooo Hooooooo My First Stickers On A Track Car

    Just wanted to share my excitement with you all :bigsmile:
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    The Scoobies First Sticker :)

    Just a daft little chrome one to start with (is only 100mm x 100mm)
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    In need if some fogs or fog light covers

    hi all, im in need of some of the above, if anyone has any could you give me a shout please :)
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    Please Welcome the S14's Replacement :)

    picked up our addition (at a bargain price) on tuesday and im loving it, :) she's a 97, had a £4.5k engine rebuild by Graham Goode Racing in Leicester (have all the reciepts for the work done) Full magnex system, decat (gorgeous sound) 17 inch gold speedlines, STI interior Spax springs...
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    My New Wheels For Sale.....

    Well it breaks my heart to do this but my alloys are for sale :( Their as new, not a mark on them, have done less than 100 miles due to car being off the road. Staggered offset so you get a deeper dish on the rear PCD 5X114.3 Offsets are ET38 fronts at 9J ET35 rears at 10.5J Fronts are...
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    New Decal On The 200 sx

    Freshly washed so decided to stick one of my Anime decals on her b4 wax. Going on, On :) (shopping list is coming off -only put it on for decal advertising photos)
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    JDL Tuning - Subaru Bodykit this is the one /\ /\ /\ brand new, unfitted, in box, brand spanking new would cost you £355 off website im looking for £250 delivered ONO Pm me or post if interested or want...
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    Japanese Anime/Manga Inspired Vinyl Designs

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    Subaru Dimensions Help Needed

    hi all, just wondering if anyone has any ideas where i can find dimensions from, found wheelbase etc but im looking for door height (up to door handle etc) any help appreciated (or i may have to go on the hunt with my tape measure lol)
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    Help needed with auto gearbox

    As many of you know i had to take the engine out of the 200sx as crank needed replacing, everythign went smoothly and to plan and engine and gearbox went back in on monday.... but there is no drive from the auto box, engine turns runs sweet as a nut, but wont select gears, reverse lights come on...
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    Fixing the S14 (the work begins - pic heavy)

    I know im a bit late in putting pics up but she is not done yet so technically im still allowed to post this lol So the work begins - with alot of help from some great mates (and my fella)
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    My V6 Cav for sale

    she is now for sale £600 ono just dont have the space anymore as where i live is getting worse and worse for parking so she has to go. if you want more info can reach me on 07528194662 will update mileage etc when i get home :)
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    New Beetle Ideas :)

    I have noticed that round here the new beetle is one of the most customised cars (in a graphics kinda way) must date back to hippy flower power and peace stickers on the old bug. so i thought i would give some custom designs a go :) (sorry about the quality of image, i had to scale right down...
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    Few new pics of the S14

    So after she has been sat on the drive for the last couple of months getting jealous watching millions of other cars come and go out of the street i decided to treat her to a bit of TLC, she is still broke but at least she is shiny and broke now lol. few pics :)
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    Few new pics of the S14

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    Nissan 200sx s14 turbo for sale £1950 (ono)

    Right i have decided to sell her, I love this car and really dont want to have to sell but i need my drive back cos now have work van to accomodate and is no street parking, she is in Marlin Blue (rare colour) which is blue with a green flip or vice versa. She developed a slight rattle...