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    my civic being wiped out

    Gutted,really really gutted,sadly my civic was written off a month ago.Some silly person ploughing into the back of mi and shuntting my civic under the car in front.Id just got the car running and looking how i wanted.Yeah it had done 140,000 but the engine was running a dream,no rust on archs...
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    lowering height

    Does any body know how low ya can go with out having to start messing wi the camber.
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    anybody upgraded their exhaust on coupe 03 se yet.thats a first to see the cat so close up the engine.
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    looking to buy coupe

    which 1 is the best,insurance,was looking at 2.0 gen3.any info would be help.i know their not the fastest out their.but they look nice on the eye.
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    about time

    Well its about time,Had some 1 reverse in to me on my drivers side and they have just admitted liabilty.Accident happened beginning of been dragging on for ages.Bit gutted tho,had it all priced up and approved and then cople of days later the interior light started playing up.When...
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    m.o.t day

    had the mot yesterday.Failed on emissions,through some cleaner in and took it for a few mile blast,put it back on passed wi flying colours.£57 in total.Not bad for a car 10yr old with 120,000 miles on it.Honda take a bow.:bigsmile:
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    What pleases about owning a honda?

    Was going to post this up as a reply,But thought a few might want to have a say.What would you say the whole essence(think thats how you spell it)of driving a honda and owning one.I have never drove a honda without v-tec so for mi it would be the feeling of it kicking in puts smile on my face...
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    Integra for the summer

    Been thinking of going abit mad this summer and purchasing a dc2 integra.Just running it through the summer then selling it on again.Always wanted a integra but carnt afford the long running costs etc.Is this a bad idea,What if i carnt get rid or end up loving too much to get rid or should i...
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    Crx prices

    Is it me or is anybody else a bit amazed buy the prices for them.I like these cars but come on.Iv been looking around and some are priced 2500 to 3500 for some sheds.:amazed:
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    My honda civic mb6

    This is my civic 1.8vti in pearlesent green.When shes polished up,it shines a two tone colour in the sun.Soon to have de-oranged indicators and re-furb the alloys in white or a dark gun metal grey.Hope you like.Thanks for looking.
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    hello to all

    Have a honda civic 1.8vti,few little mods.had her a few years now.So hello to everybody.:D
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    newbie here

    Got mb6 1.8vti.Had her a few years now.A few little mods,But never had enough brass to really have a good go at her.Still enjoy the her tho.:D