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    Not been on here for a while

    Just not had time my old car got wrote off before Christmas so got my new car which is a ford fiesta mk5 zetec s 51 plate and I really enjoy driving better than my old Renault laguna will post some pics up soon.
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    Blue Astra mk5 VXR

    Anybody know this car around willenhall area also got a private plate on either N30 CWB,m30 CWB,N30 CLB as i could'nt quite catch the number plate i know its one of these or something similier cheers Dan.
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    Not been on here for a while

    Hello :) had a few things going on recently had a car accident a few weeks ago someone rear ended my laguna which has been wrote of so have now got a ford fiesta zetec s mk5 which i like alot more than my laguna lol.
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    Renault Laguna II sport tourer

    Make:Renault Model:Laguna II sport tourer (Dynamic) Engine size:1789 Year:2003 Description: Tax til jan 2012 mot til march 2012,half leather interior,leccy windows all round,privacy glass,17inch alloys,stainless steel exhaust (powerflow), K&N panel filter,recent clutch and slave 2 years...
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    Cheap car cd player

    just have to have rca output for amp not fused on make as long as its works while i wait for my dvd player to return from repairs cheers Dan.
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    Waterless car wash spray.

    Just seen a waterless spray advertising on tv saying just spray on and wipe the dirt off.Wanted to know peoples opinions on this stuff. Does it work or just a gimmick.Personally i think you need to wash dirt off as you may scratch paintwork rubbing in the dirt and grit.
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    philips upscaling dvd player with hdmi port

    also has usb port on front and is region 0 so will play anything imported only want £30 o.n.o
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    Clutch gone on laguna II

    would anybody know of a cheapish place or person that could change the clutch on my laguna II 2003 model 1.8 16v cheers dan.
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    Double din dvd headunit called SUPER??

    Recently brought this double din dvd player but cant find anything out about it as its not got a model number.Has anybody heard of this make super.
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    Phillips bluevision sidelight bulbs

    Just fitted some today as the led bulbs i had in stopped working but they are supposed to be like xenon colour but mine are yellow has anybody else fitted this cheers.
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    pics of my powerflow Exhaust

    just thought id post to see if people liked it also got windows tinted.
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    Shallow mount subs

    I was having a search for shallow mount subs and one called armageddon keeps poping up, Has anyone had or heard one of these as they are a nice size so dont take much room but i cant find any reviews and wanted to know how good or bad they are cheers dan.
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    Renault laguna 2

    Some pics of my car after a day of washing and polishing.
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    Not long signed up on here just thought id say hi to people.