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    E30 M3 Engine Swap in California?

    Hello! I have a few questions here but before I just drone them out ill explain myself. I will be soon starting a new job with more money to save! I want to do a tuner car but at the same time I don't want to waste cash and insurance dollars on speeding tickets haha! I know it's a big...
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    2001 Saturn L 300 transmission question

    Hello my name is Jeff and I have a few questions about the 4t45E transmission. I am under the impression that the only reason I cannot soup up my saturn is because of the transmission limitation! I was told elsewhere that there are ways to beef up the tranny a bit and allow it to handle more...
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    2001 Saturn L300 Aftermarket Swap?

    Hello I drive a 2001 Saturn L300. I was wonderign if there are any manual trannys that i can drop into my car so i may tune it up. Due to the current transmission (4T45-E) and its limitations (Car produces 190flb torque and trans lasts up to 205) I cannot put a turbo, nos or supercharger on my...
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    2006 350z Possible Fantasy Come True!

    Hello! My name is Jeff... Well... The title pretty much explains it all. One of my top 3 fantasy cars, although nothing amazing, is the Nissan 350z. I think its slick, sexy and lots of fun to putt around in! I have been given an offer recently (don't ask me to expand on that) that could end...