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    hi and welcome:) which vitara have you got? friend used to have a little p reg vitara, was very cute and alot of fun off road
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    hey and welcome to TC why not go for the 2.6 gsi engine i have had a few vectras (B range): supertouring, 2.2 sri, gsi estate and gsi saloon, lovely cars and have been debating getting another one soon enjoy the site :):)
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    should an older car be kept original?

    I love old cars that are kept original but also love old jap cars that have had a bit of work done to them. for me it would depend on the car and how old it is (awkward aint i lol ;))
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    Preference: trucks or cars???

    I think i prefer cars :) even though i have a truck at the minute, Truck is a 3ltr v6 so it moves when i want it to move ;) needed something with alot of space which is why i got it, however i do have k reg mr2 which is curently off the road till summer (or i decide to sell for something...
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    females "wrenching" on their own cars??

    I think to obtain a licence everyone (male or female) should know/be tested on basic mechanic skills, there is no excuse for a woman not to beable to change a tyre..... imagine how much quicker recovery services would be if they werent getting called out every 5 mins just because a woman didnt...
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    hi to all

    Hi and welcome to TC would be nice to see some pics when you get your post count over 10 :)
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    new job offer

    Well done :):):)
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    Loggin in on Xmas Day - Explain yourself :-)

    im bored lol been up since half 5 everyone else still asleep :( so merry christmas lol :)
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    Merry xmas to you all

    Merry Christmas to you and everyone :)
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    Wheel valve caps getting nicked

    NO COMMENT lol ;);););)
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    Most annoying thing other drivers do

    Gets right on my last nerve when people dont indicate at/off roundabouts and i end up sitting there for what seems like hours. Dont get me started on supermarket drivers at this time of year!!!!!!!! people have gone crazy and dont care who they run over to get a space!
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    Jaguar crazy

    HI and welcome to TC Hope to see some pics soon :)
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    Latest bad styling trends

    i think it's displayed as 'chrome chav/bling isle' look for where you see alot of hoodies/caps bobbing about and you will find it ;)
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    Petrol prices still at 109.9p

    Ours has just gone down to 103.9 (petrol) 105.9 (diesel) :)
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    Wheel valve caps getting nicked

    I've kinda got a few lying about lol so i should be ok for a while ;)
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    :cry::cry::cry: right im not talking to any of you (those who have got snow anyway) im gonna stamp my feet and cry cos i want snow lol
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    Stopping car with locked cruise control

    i think i would have tried the handbrake Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before then like, or maybes gone on a bit of an off road adventure to slow me down, surely he past a few fields he could have drove round in cirles in till he ran out of petrol love this line at the end ''Ford Australia has told...
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    Omg you nasty thing getting your girlfrind to pose for pics...... bet her feet were freezing.... hope you made her a nice cuppa :) cant believe how much snow you all have down there, we have had the most feeble attempt at snow fall today :( worst bit is that the stuff that was in the...
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    Ugliest car you've owned

    I had a nissan bluebird (well i actually had 2 lol :embarrest:) which was probably my ugliest car
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    Wheel valve caps getting nicked

    you can try the locking valve caps that need a little key to get them off....... just remember to leave the key in your car incase you need it. Or just you can just nip the metal ones tight with a little socket but again leave tools in car just incase you need to get them off yourself.
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    Got a little bit here, havent been out yet in it though No doubt the challenger will kick its back end out a few times when i go out in a bit lol
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    Latest bad styling trends

    I saw JDM stickers on a standard scruffy Punto the other day, wish i should have got a pic of it lol :lol: :blink: :amazed:
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    Passed my testt!

    They should print that at the top of the pass slip ya get :):):)
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    Passed my testt!

    Whooooooooo Hoooooooooooo Congratulations Top Tip: Dont crash!!!!! :):):)
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    Please watch this !

    My god im sat here crying after watching that. Gonna post it on a few forums now make sure the message gets round and everyone has a safe holiday season.
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    Radio stations.

    honestly cant remember the last time a listened to the radio must be a couple of years ago now cant stand radio adverts and presenters cutting a song in half so i only listen to cds dont even have a radio in the house now i think about it lol
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    hey :) welcome to TC :)
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    heat shield, protect the bumper from exhaust ?

    Oh my! they are horrible, dont suit any car :(
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    206 help please x

    also check your insurance for increased premiums for adding bodykit etc will defo add on the ££££££ :(
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    206 help please x

    Hi and welcome to TC :) depends on what you want to make better? inside, outside, engine?
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    Hello all

    hi and welcome to TC :)
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    2000 t reg focus

    working here aswell user aint been online since sept so i would think it has been sold by now
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    Hey peeps of TC!

    Ooooooooo i love the estates had a gsi estate had a few vectras but gone jap now lol Im sure i have a few opel badges off my old vecs lying about (plus a garage full of vectra bit n pieces lol)
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    Best nissan ever made

    Of course ;) lol ;) Ooooooooo pretty :) omg i would have cried and probably ran behind the flatbed till my legs fell off lol
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    Hi from car enthustiast in Portmore, Jamaica

    Wow thats some 'HELLO' lol Nice to have you here, im sure you will enjoy the site :):):)
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    Best nissan ever made

    Hard to pick a favorite Gonna say 300zx (for now lol)
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    Hi.. New to modifying

    Hi and welcome to TC, get some pics up (if you havent already) and im sure you will get plenty of advice and info on how to achive the look your going for :)
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    Hi Everyone

    hi and welcome to TC :)
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    What interior mods have you done

    ooops sorry my mistake :)
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    totally agree with you :) I will never not have subs in my motor (luckily i dont have the problem of wanting to save weight or need extra space ;))