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  1. MasterAuron

    Which Saloon???

    Ok, say like me you have £15k max to spend on a car and you want: -4 door saloon, possibly hatch if it's rate good -50mpg minimum on a run -Doesn't look poo -Plenty of equipment (Cruise Control, Bluetooth, hopefully Sat Nav, heated seats etc etc) -Comfortable as mostly long motorway journeys...
  2. MasterAuron

    Mk1 Focus RS Progress

    Recently had the car back from Spec-R down in Wiltshire after having a new Garrett cored air-to-air intercooler system made up on the car: (Ignore the parcel tape; long story, fog light lens back in now) Over the moon with the design, performance and workmanship on the system...
  3. MasterAuron

    25% off everything at OPIE

    Just went to order some oil for the car and it so happens to be 25% of everything on the site at Opie Oils. Sweet.
  4. MasterAuron

    AIR CON - Do you actually use it?

    I'm considering removing the air con on my FRS after Le Mans, mostly to save weight, as I literally never use it. Then thinking about it I realized I barely ever use the air con in my daily Fez either. It's hot here like two days of the year, and I'd rather just crack open a window and get...
  5. MasterAuron

    All Hail UK Policing and Freedom of Speech! Please leave a comment. It's a disgrace.
  6. MasterAuron

    Denso itv27's (wanted!)

    Not to worry, think I've found some LOL.
  7. MasterAuron

    What are you getting your car for Christmas?

    My FRS has had this don't expect much in return though: Now, as per show and tell rules, lets see yours....
  8. MasterAuron

    Somebody lend me £4K?

    NOT! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  9. MasterAuron

    Le Maaaaaaaaaaans

    Setting off tomorrow night :D That is all.
  10. MasterAuron

    HUGE K&N Air Filter

    Brand new, bought by me in error :P:P Pretty large filter with a 4" neck size, removed from box but not fitted. Full dimensions here: Base Outside Diameter: 6.75 in (171 mm) Flange Inside Diameter: 4 in (102 mm) Flange Length: 1.75 in (44 mm) Flange Type: Centered Height: 9.5 in (241 mm)...
  11. MasterAuron

    Collonite 476s Video

    Just washed the RS to get the crap off after the drive home in the snow on Saturday. Thought I would get a quick vid to show the effects of Collonite 476s on a well-prepped car after 3 months of autumn/winter weather: It's only...
  12. MasterAuron


    Anybody know anybody that can supply Garrett intercooler cores? Or even make me a decent IC for a reasonable price using a Garrett core or one just as or nearly as good? Really struggling here without importing from the US and paying mega money in VAT and import duty, then paying out again...
  13. MasterAuron

    Climb Dance Must See

    Aawwwwwwwwwww yeah.
  14. MasterAuron

    Here's to 2012...

    Hopefully a year of track action :amuse:
  15. MasterAuron

    You know you have detailing issues when... polish and glaze the misses' laptop lid :lol::lol::lol: Anybody else got any detailing based obsessions or OCD to share?:love:
  16. MasterAuron

    Day out @ Area Motorsport/DRM

    Okay, finally got my geometry and corner weighting done at Area Motorsport/DRM in Kidderminster and I must say....I can't recommend these guys enough. They have an awesome setup and some tasty things going on in there. So friendly and really know their stuff. Pulled up and just outside was...
  17. MasterAuron

    New brakes!

    What £2.3k's worth of AP CP5555 6-pots and 362mm rotors looks like ;) 50pence piece for scale: DS3000 pads, braided HEL lines and ATE Super Blue should make sure it stops well :lol::lol:
  18. MasterAuron

    Remember that ST170's Mk2 Escort?

    Well it's changed....just been round to my mates to watch a film, eat some pizza and see how he's getting on with this: Until today I didn't know they bolt straight in! :love:
  19. MasterAuron

    And you thought Subaru's couldn't look any worse!

  20. MasterAuron

    Kubica in Bad Rally Crash :amazed::amazed::amazed::amazed: