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    Funny parking note

    I think this man parked on someones delicate region and he's not happy about it!
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    Are air tools worth getting

    Does anyone on here use air powered tools, are they worth getting and how much would it cost to get a basic but useful air tool setup? Would I be right in thinking that an compressor can also be used for paint spraying as well as powering sanders and screwdriver/socket guns.
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    Are small cars more fun

    Do you think that small cars are more fun than bigger ones. What about if both had the same performance (acceleration/braking) would the smaller car be more entertaining and rewarding to drive than a bigger one. I think that we have to take extremes here for this question to work. Compare the...
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    Parked under a tree

    I left my car parked under a tree over Christmas whilst we went away (which was a complete debarcle as the airports were closed/delayed) and I can't believe the crud that the car is covered in. I didn't think they leaked sap and leaves and I think every bird in the county has used my car roof...
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    How much litter do you have in your car

    I gave my car a major cleanout and filled 3 carrier bags full of parking reciepts, crisp packets and Coffee cups. At least I don't throw these items out of my window like so many annoying slobs whilst driving along. Is your car full of rubbish or do you keep it clean or are you a tosser? (Am I...
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    Poor standard of observation

    Today on my way to work the standard of observation by most drivers was pitiful. We were approaching a junction from a narrow road. There were pockets of cars parked up on our road narrowing the road to 1 car width. I WAS THE ONLY driver who left gaps to enable oncoming cars to get through...
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    Arrogant sexist mechanics

    I'm not your average gal and am more than happy getting stuck into the engine so it really winds me up when a mechanic assumes I know nothing about cars and starts talking absolute crap. It's happened to me loads of times and I'm sure a lot of women get totally ripped off. I took a car in for a...
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    How many cars have you written off

    How many cars have you written off through either neglect or poor driving! I've scrapped a few old rust buckets, actually come to think of it most cars I have end up being worthless and end up getting scrapped.
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    Cars and salesmen

    If you have a salesman call at your home and he turns up in a big expensive flashy car does that put you off or does it reassure you? My accountant drives a brand new M3 and today a Double glazing salesman came round to give us a qutote in a brand new Jag XF! The odd thing is that I don't mind...
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    Fuel prices in 2011

    What do you guess we will be paying for a litre of fuel over the next year? I think it will end the year around £1.40 a litre! Does everyone know it will be going up in January by about 3-5 pence a litre? Why was everyone up in arms when it went past £1.00 but now people are just not all that...
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    Does MPG matter that much

    When looking around at cars I'm not sure MPG counts for very much in the average years driving. Is there a calculator to compare the cost of a years driving at different mpg levels? From some manual calculations the difference between 40mpg and 30mpg is only around £300 a year for a lower...
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    First snow due this week

    Apparently we could be seeing the first snow falling in the mainland UK within the next week. Anyone seen any of the white fluffy snowy stuff everyone gets so excited about yet? Do you think it will come early this year?
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    How to fit a strut brace

    What tools would I need and how would I go about fitting a strut brace. Is it an easy job? Will it help reset the geometry of my front suspension as the turrets have bowed outwards :eek:
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    Some very cool Jap concepts

    Here are some stunningly cool Japanese concept cars fromthe last 50 years.
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    What rims do you like

    What do you look for in a decent set of rims? I like thin spokes so I can see the brakes and it helps with cooling as well. A few friends of mine prefer the thicker 5 spoke ones. I don't like the shiny chrome ones though. It has just never done it for me and I think that I am starting to like...
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    What old drivers dont get

    You can only answer this thread if you are under 30! If you are over this then there is another thread you can reply to.... Here What do old drivers (the over 60's) do wrong, what don't they get about driving and what advice would you pass on to an old driver.
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    What young drivers dont get

    You can only answer this thread if you are over 30! If you are under this then there is another thread you can reply to.... Here What do young drivers (the under 21's) do wrong, what don't they get about driving and what advice would you pass on to a young driver.
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    Impressive new jet powered jaguar How is this for a cool concept! The batteries are charged by a gas turbine, the car beats pretty much every other supercar in terms of performance and economy. Do you think we will all be driving cars like this...
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    Lots of bargain cars around

    There are loads of bargain cars around at the moment. I saw the newish Jaguar XF on offer for about £20,000 which is less than half of the list price. This seems to be a bargain but I wonder if it will continue to depreciate this heavily over the next few years. There was also a DB7 on offer...
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    Flat 4 vs straight 4

    Is the flat 4 engine the same thing as a straight 4. I've got my head around V and W engines but I cant seem to fathom the flat 4. Are there advantages or disadvantages over a flat or straight four?
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    Friends car window broken - dilemma

    A friend of mine had her car window broken buy a young lad in the street who was playing football. It was an accident but she has had to pay out £60 for an insurance excess and will probably lose some no claims bonus because of this broken window. When she confronted the neighbour they said...
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    Driving shoes

    Do you have "special" shoes for driving? It might just be one of those girl things where we change shoes when we are driving. Have you ever tried to drive in heels? I do know a few men who have driving shoes and they say they cant drive properly in heavy steel toecap boots. Is this normal for...
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    Ever driven up a one way street

    Have you ever driven the wrong way up a one way street?:confused: I did the other day but a lorry was obscuring the sign, a local resident hurled a load of abuse at me. I bet i'm not alone though. I'm hoping I'm not alone. Ok so I probably am the only one that's done this. :sad2: I'm not...
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    How to - cleaning your cars glass

    How do you clean your windscreen and car windows? I've tried allsorts (not the liquorish sort) and nothing seems to remove all the grime and leave a streak free finish. I even resorted to household window lene and this didn't improve this much either so I'm at my wits end. As the sun gets lower...
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    Oil change - how often

    How often should you do oil changes? Does changing it too often cause any problems? I bet you can't recommend a suitable oil for my Rover Vitesse 3500 SD1 (1983) and Im sure oils have probably moved on a bit since the car was first launched.
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    New ladette says hello

    Hello there, bit of a lad and one of the boys! I'm emma and drive a Pristine Rover Vitesse. I have a bit of fun on the track once or twice a month in a stripped out Saxo and want to show the boys how its done. I DO NOT DO PINK EITHER!
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    Cornering tips wanted

    When I'm on the track I tend to lose a lot of speed in the corners. I am improving but we have a track day this weekend and I need a bit of a boost. Also what should I do to my car so it is ready for the track day. I cooked my brakes last time so I'll be putting on some new pads. Any tips for...