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    it's alive, ALIVE!!!!!!

    The Near Lee fired today 8-), the heart is beating with a strong pulse. Just need to top up the transmission fluid and set the timing and he's done.
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    WANTED 2 Wolfrace Slotmags

    Hi all. I am in need of 2 Wolfrace Slotmags for the front of the Lotus. They are the same PCD and offset as old RWD Fords, and need to be 6Jx13 rims. I bloody sold some of these on ebay about 4 weeks ago. Typical, :rolleyes: The day I get rid of something will be the day I need it.
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    New Toy

    As promised here a a couple of piccies of the Lotus with a few details. Its a 1976 Lotus Eclat S1. She has been standing since 1994 due to a broken front suspension mount and has gained a few other nigglies due to lack of use. All the tyres are shot, the indicators have stopped working...
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    Sad, sad day tomorrow

    The time has come to admit defeat. After spending months and months looking at Norm and the remains of the Porsche, it's time to admit to myself that by the time I get round to properly tearing into the project again, Norm will be nowt but rot and not worth doing. So I have removed all the...
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    Volvo 940 turbo SE

    Brilliant motor, quick. Just bought Jo a 1982 Vauxhall Chevette and I don't need it anymore.
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    fuel Prices!!!

    After being charged 111.9p per litre of petrol today, I have done a few searches on google to see if anything is being done to cap or try to controll the price of fuel and I found this. This has got...
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    Pait of Hossier Q/T 245/60R15 drag tyres

    Pair of Hossier Q/T 245/60R15 drag tyres I paid £250 for these last year and never got to use them. £200 takes them.
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    The Bus

    :( 1990 Toyota SpaceCruiser "Battle Bus" on eBay, also, Toyota, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 24-Dec-07 22:23:28 GMT)
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    Volvo 940 2.0 turbo SE

    Does anyone know anything about them? I may be buying one for Jo. The van is dying :(
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    Few bits on ebay

    If anyones interested? V8 Exhaust Silencers - SOLD Sony XM-SD14X Amplifier.
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    Heated leather front seats

    On ebay if anyones interested? They're originally from a Nova.
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    Heated Front Seats

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for heated front seats (preferably Vauxhall)? I got bored trying to re-trim my Porsche seats for Near Lee so I have bought a pair of heated, black leather Nova seats from ebay. If someone has a wiring diagram for them could you post it for me so I can have...
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    Head Gasket

    Blew the headgasket on the right hand bank today. :cry: Looks like the engine rebuild has just que jumped my (long) list of things to do.[/b]
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    Near Lee failed its MOT today.

    On a flexi brake pipe, broken exhaust hanger and unbalanced front brakes. Not bad for a 37 year old car.
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    Head Porting

    As is was bright and sunny today I decided to leave my seat re-trimming for the moment and go out side to play with some dirty bits ( :roll: no not rude things). I bought some carbide burrs (like forary files) in the week to do my head porting and had a scrap head lying around so I thought I'd...
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    Seat Upholstery.

    The front seats I have in the Near Lee at the moment are from a Hyundai and have no tilt thingy to let passengers into the rear. If you slide the seat as far forwards as it can go and adjust the back as far forwards as it goes, you can get people in the back with ease but its a lot of messing...
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    How do you launch?

    How do you launch from the lights on the strip. Have been talking to a few mates and different people do different things, whatever works for them best. If you have a manual, do you bring the revs up when you've staged and drop the clutch on green or do you just pull away hard. And with...
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    Looky looky Got them off ebay for £56 inc postage. 8)
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    Just went to fuel up Jo's Space cruiser and the fuel flap fell off in my hand. :oops: Thats another thing to go onto my list of things to do. :roll:
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    Painjob on the Minor

    Hi peeps, I sat down the other night and decided to work out my paint job for the Morris Minor I am building. I have always wanted the car finished in a Primer grey type colour with white wheels for the unfinished "rat" look, but thats just to understated for me :D . I need something that...
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    WANTED: Morris Minor Willy's Coupe style bonnet & front

    If anyone comes across a fiberglass Willy's Coupe style bonnet e and front grille panel for a Morris Minor (like the one in the link) can you let me know? Cheers.
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    Bosch K-Tronic injection.

    I mention this system in another thread and just incas no-one knows what I'm rattling on about, here's a brief description I poached from another site. :D Fuel System All european 924's are fitted with Bosch K-Jetronic (k-tronic) continuous injection system (CIS) fuel injection. Although...
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    I want one of these!!!!!

    I get sticky pants just looking at it. 8)
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    Few more bits on the bay
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    The Rover's gotta go

    :cry: I think the description says it all. :cry:
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    What todo with it?

    A couple of months ago I bought a Toyota SpaceCruiser for a support vehicle when I go to the strip (cant get all my gear in the car), and its boring! I wasn't going to play with it but I just have to. I have already planned out the ICE install, I just need to buy a few bits for that, but what do...
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    Project Norm

    Hi folks, I thought that it' about time I filled you in on the Porsche powered Minor today, or project Norm as I like to call it (the car is called Norm) so far. Before I start, here is the basic outline of what I am doing (or attempting) here. I have a 1970 Mirros minor 2 door saloon...
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    Fingers cars

    Hello, I'm Stuart from norf essex and these are my my rides. The minor is in the process of being cut up ready to have the bulkhead and rear floor from the porsche welded in. The Porsche is sitting waiting to be stripped and cut up to donate organs forthe hybrid Minor. The Yank...
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    Hi Everybody

    Hello, I stumbled across this site while trawling through the internet on my never ending quest for more technical stuff, and thought I'd join. I am Stuart, known as fingers to my friends, and I am building a Morris minor with the engine, gearbox and brakes from a Porsche 924. It was an...
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    NOS on a 924. How much boost?

    I know its not a real Porsche but a VW/Audi in disguise, but has anyone run Nitrous on one of these? I was just wondering how much boost a standard engine could take? Cheers