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    fly wheel?

    I have a fabia vrs mk1 pd tdi 06 plate engine code blt? Has my car got a dual mass fly wheel?
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    getting rid :-(

    im really stuck. had my fabia vrs for nearly two years.i do love it but i feel theres so many cars out there i want i need to start making my way through them but dont want to get rid of my vrs. just been into the bodyshop brought back the love of when i first bought her! shes gleaming! so clean...
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    new ecu

    Bought a stage 2 tuned ecu for my fabia vrs saw it s either a money maker to.resell or to fit on my own car the car it was previously fitted on was running just over 200 bhp and 350 torque he listed his mods that the ecu was tuned to do i copy what hes done? will it even work?
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    pd 160

    Im looking for a pd 160 air intake from a seat? Can anyone help?
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    serious problem!

    went to the gym last night pulled up fine went in come out went to start my car engine managment light appeared also heard a crackling noise underneath car whgich is normal then nothing not even trying to crank over/??? heeellllpppp fabia vrs mk1
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    new remap fabia vrs

    waited ages and finally found a remap service to suit me! very helpful company anyway i told myself id stop at the remap but i have the bug now. haha!!1:D have a friend who is a top technical deisel engineer i run through things that i would like to do and he always tells me wether its doo able...
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    was told my cambelt was due at 40 k my fabia vrs at the skoda garage is that correct? i was told iby a friend it was 60 k?
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    chip for vw golf mark for or tdi pd engine!

    hello i have a chip i bought off of my friend for vw he had it on his beetle. for the mark 4 golf tdi pd engine i bought it off him hoping it would fit on my fabia vrs but seems vrs has a different ecu so it will not work but the normal 1.9 tdi engine is the one it fits to so anyone intrested...
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    friends sister bought a vw beetle and bought an off the shelf chip for it! now has got rid of her beetle and got a spare chip shes selling it for £20 lol yeah i know! she bought it off a bloke who used to work for vw and went off on his own a bloke in garage reccomended her to him and anyway...
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    new fabia vrs

    has anyone checked out the latest and greatest from skoda the new fabia vrs im a bit embarressed about there new shape i think they have made there car for a certain audiance even though skoda are attracting even more younger attention they will have pushed the younger years away but the new...
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    hi people

    hi just joined, from kent drive a skoda fabia vrs looking to maybe have my car remapped in the next couple of weeks not sure yet. but open to some suggestions on maybe increasing the power of my car. cheers for reading.