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    Any parts on your wish list this Christmas?

    Would look great coming out the hood sitting sideways in my Escape
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    Someday I will choose a color

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    The one question I get most is "WHY"

    Why build a 03 Ford Escape? I also get told "you can't do that" or "that's not possible" also they laugh when they hear about what I'm doing but I just want something different and I believe I have opened up a couple of eyes when they hear my story and what I am doing, I have always modified my...
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    Never ending project

    Hi, I look forward to learning and hopefully help someone, I have a 03 Ford Escape xlt 3.0 duratec v6 awd/4x4 my inspiration to have this as a project is the Noble m400 when I saw what they had done with the engine I was determined to do my own build, I am on my 3rd rebuild, 1st was standard...
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    3.0 Duratec N/A

    Hello, hope everyone is well, this is my first post so I'll just tell you guys about what I have going on right now. Boring the block to match .40 over pistons, rebuilding the cd4e transmission with shift kit, replacing anything that needs replacing. I have an SCTX4 power programmer, Jet...