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  1. J

    lambo door kit ??? anybody use this company

    Hi guys and maybe girls :embarrest: been looking at lambo door hinges for my MGF and found this company in the states just wondering if any has had experiance of fitting one of their universal kits
  2. J

    my MGF and mods done

    well it started like this basic car.. 15" std alloys,cloth interior, no rear speakers been sat in a stable for a year undriven and cost me £450 , 2 WEEKS LATER the head gasket went, typical but no real bother £300 to sort that out with a metal one, now the car looks like this from the...
  3. J

    mini charger

    never really looked into superchargers before and never had one fitted, im just wondering if there are any mini size chargers on the market as i have lack of space in the engine bay, what components would be needed to fit one to a 1,8 i non vvc k series engine ??
  4. J

    well hellooo there,

    43yo guy going through midlife crisis (according to the other half) I dont have a lambo beating car but it is a fun little car, i bought it standard a year ago but it nothing like standard now lol much to the disgust of some classic car forums.. anway heres my little car