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  1. philxj6

    Magazine My car on front cover and inside. Out 15th this month.
  2. philxj6

    My car in a magazine.

    For those interested my car will be featured in September issue of Jaguar World Magazine, along with 4 other future classics.
  3. philxj6

    My XJR

    The Beast
  4. philxj6

    Time of Year

    Took the Volvo for its MOT Monday passed with no advisorys. Last year cost £500 two tyres exhaust so they were wear and tear items anyway Not bad for a car with 132k on it
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  6. philxj6

    Dream Drive

    Sunday 17/05/09 I had the pleasure of going to bruntingthorpe on Sunday to drive an Aston Martin BD9 and a Bentley. Absolulty brilliant and the last thing was a high speed lap in a Subaru with a rally driver at the wheel in the pouring rain. Bit of a comedown from a Volvo but it had to be done...
  7. philxj6

    Storing Fuel

    What are the regulations for storing fuel. Bloke down the road from me every weekend comes out of his house with a plastic container and pours a red liquid into the fuel tank. he has a citreon diesel
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    Evo iv

    What is the standard BHP for this car 1996 Model Thanks
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    How easy is it to tune this car Might be buying one
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    Car Black Box?

    On MSN
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    Brake Pads

    Well the time has come needs new pads. Booked it in at the garage, ordered the pads,went back to collect it Wrong Bl!!!y pads. Because it is Ex Police the brakes are up rated Don't blame the garage should have thought when i ordered them Garage has sorted it had to order them specially...
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    New XC60

    On Auto Express
  13. philxj6

    Window Sticker

    Morning Wayne Quick question I,ve just been clearing out my E-Mail rubbish came across a recipet from Paypal for a Window Sticker. I haven't had it yet Any ideas? Phil
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    DVLA Warning
  15. philxj6

    New car

    Afternoon Been a while just dropped into to say i sign for my new Jag on Sunday. XJ8 3.2 Sport 02 Plate Dark Green almost black
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    new jag

    What options are there for increasing bhp on my xj6
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    Just joined good afternoon Hope to spend many a happy hpur here