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    some pictures of my peugeots

    a 306 i had this is my baby, its a diesel shell with a 2.0 MI16 engine in it, its all caged up with coil overs. i also have a 205 rallye wich i will post the re-build pictures and my 205 convertable build wich will be special, so, what do you think?
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    hi every1

    hi, my name is petar, im in to my pug 205's, im a mate of BAD63R's who owns the red calibra 3.0 litre V6. anyway less bout him and more bout me, i own a 205 rallye, suzuki jeep wich is like a mini monster truck, a 205 MI16 in a deisel shell (proper sleeper), and a landrover deffender wich i...