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    Biko is back in action

    hi wayne hows it going mate not had access 4 a while sins i put the engine in iv poped a fuel pipe, shattered a clutch and snapped the drivers side drive shaft! and its still being run in! not good at all ey i suppose evry race engine has its teething problems
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    water injection

    cheers waynne, but now youve planted the seed lol how would i work this, do the injectors plumb into the inlet manifold, and what exactly do they do, obviusly thier there to cool the burn or summit? *just read the artical in the drag section, good stuf, still need a bit more info tho mate...
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    octain booster in bulk??

    hi, does anyone know where i can get octain booster in bulk? its raping my wallet lol
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    british fuel?

    hello people, something has been playing on my mind recently, why is it that in places like japan thier cheapest fuel is like 102 octain, whereas ours is 95, i know thier cars av gotta run on it, but why? the compression ratio on a standard car wouldnt warrent the use of such a resilient fuel...
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    turbulence lumps??

    hi everyone, recently i stripped and rebuilt an endura e engine, when i took the cylinder head to minisport uk (padiham) the guy that does the head work said he should leave these in, but alot of people are telling me otherwise, what do you lot recon? cheers
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    hi people @torque cars hows it hangin
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    cam + head means less power???

    hello, read in one of your articals that fitting a fast road cam to a ported n flowed head will reduce torque output, why is this? as i have both an it goes like stink, please look @ my profile for full tech spec of the engine cheers