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    What irks you the most

    Brill idea. I previously has a car with a pair of hi-intensity rear lights. I found that flicking them on whilst also flooring the go-pedal put about a 100 yards between us. Wouldn't you just love some kind of heat-seeking missile or just one of those electro-magnetic thingies they used in...
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    What irks you the most

    Quite agree mate. I'm a cycling instructor for my day job and I always tell the kids that there's only one 'go' and even that means 'go if it's safe to do so'. The rest are stop, as in 'stop if you can', 'DEFINITELY stop' and 'STAY stopped but get ready to go' (we have a red+amber phase here -...
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    What irks you the most

    It's easy enough to add to the list, middle-aged men in trilby hats, what-have-you, but I guess it all comes down to a common irk or even hatred of anyone who isn't prepared to take driving seriously as a job worth doing in it's own right, without distraction and without being just an annexe to...
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    No of accidents

    Driving since 1971. Only had one minor 'at-fault' shunt in the first year - rear-ended a Mini with my Herald - bought the guy a new boot lid. All the rest have been rear-enders happening to me, the worst, 10 years ago when my Primera GT (not a lucky car for me, rear-ended twice in 6 months) was...
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    All the new things they can fine you for.

    In the aftermath of the latest set of new driving 'crimes' to be announced, I don't suppose many people would mind if they stepped up the penalty for hand-held phone users or tail-gaters. They both want shooting as far as I'm concerned. However, it's this 'hogging the middle lane' thing that...
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    Rear Wheel Noise - SEAT Leon

    Started getting a drumming from the rear when running on smooth surfaces (OK, yeah, how many of those are there?), which the pessimist in me assumed was a premature (26K) bearing failure. However, no wear was detectable when jacked up and the 'note' didn't changed when cornering either direction...
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    2012 Leon Fr.

    I took a Leon FR TDi for a test drive a while back, but after an exhaustive run on 'the lot', motorways, speed ramps, what-have-you, I concluded that I couldn't live with the suspension set up, which to my mind was way to firm for the level of power. Still got a 2.0 TDi though, but not an FR. It...
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    Putting cars to bed

    Never done it, but what are the precautions? I gather it's not a good idea to leave it parked with the same bit of tyre at the bottom all the time, so jacking it up seems to be what most people do. Likewise, when resurrecting it I've heard it's a good idea to turn the engine over by hand as this...
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    How many car makers can we name

    Gilbern, Facel-Vega, and what about MINI now that it's a brand in its own right, or is that a bit close to the 'Corvette' debate?
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    How many car makers can we name

    I suppose if we're going to allow 'heavy rebuilders' of cars, i.e. RUF, which seem to be re-engineered Porsches, then we ought to allow Brabus too. Coming back to proper makes, there's De Soto, Rambler, Studebaker, Plymouth, Fraser-Nash. I remember the first four from my collection of...
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    How many car makers can we name

    Oh yes, and Auto Union, Monteverdi, Bond, Cord, Auburn
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    How many car makers can we name

    Wolseley, Sunbeam, Hillman, Smart, Daewoo
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    Do you treat cars like your women?

    Yes, I turn her over and warm her up occasionally even if I'm not wanting a ride. Waxing her and watching beads of moisture run off her is quite amusing too. Sadly the days of nipples needing regular lubrication are over, although running my hands over her bumpers is fair compensation. There's...
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    How many car makers can we name

    Bloody hell, this is scraping the barrel! Panhard, Hispano-Suiza, Lagonda, Wartburg, Zil
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    Are you a dangerous driver

    I've let The Guinness Book of Records know - they'll be in touch just as soon as they can add in a Bovine Excrement section. :blink1:
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    making driving safer and easier

    Good point about mini-roundabouts - I'd forgotten, if indeed I ever knew, that you're supposed to steer round them not through them - I've been letting my back wheels trail over them for years (or worse). That's the trouble with passing your test decades ago - does anyone really buy a new copy...
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    making driving safer and easier

    I'd like to reinforce that by saying it applies to ALL cross-roads and t-junctions with or without the cross-hatching. Trouble is, now that everyone thinks it only applies on yellow box junctions, they also seem to think that it's OK to cock-up other junctions. Mini-cab drivers. Please don't...
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    My unlucky neighbour

    It's an ill wind....................
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    Cars verses Vans

    I've always thought that a smart van, or even better, a pick-up would make a great second vehicle and something to be tarted up without remorse. It would, I reasoned also be bloody useful for taking stuff to the 'tip', until I discovered that they charge for vans as commercial vehicles, whereas...
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    Britians lowest road death toll ever

    I'm putting my money more on congestion than airbags. I'd like to say it's because of heightened driver awareness, but really? Let's not forget pedestrians. They don't benefit from airbags, in fact the opposite may be true, as drivers then feel safer, but they do benefit from 5mph traffic...
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    How to rid the world of Multiplas

    What we need is an agony uncle. "Dear Waynne, I have a friend who thinks he might be a Multipla owner......."
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    How to rid the world of Multiplas

    ...and after all that's been said, you seriously expect someone to admit to that? Have to say that when I inside one, I quite liked the interior space, and the almost vertical sides must give a lot of headroom to even the tallest drivers without feeling like the roof is...
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    Do you have a garage

    I used to have a garage, one of those cheap nasty reinforced (that's a laugh, more like chicken wire) concrete kits. The previous owner obviously thought it was great, but I was so unimpressed by the flakes of concrete falling onto my car(s) that I pulled it down. What a sense of achievement -...
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    Surprising mpg!

    Yes, it took me a while to realise why my previous Citroen 2.0l diesel VTS was seemingly more economical in gear with my foot eased off, than it was coasting. Of, course, most diesels use air only with a zero throttle setting except when idling, as in coasting, when they do need at least need...
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    How to rid the world of Multiplas

    No, you've missed the point that I hadn't missed the point.
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    Have you ever hit or injured an animal or bird

    "If it were legalised, what part of a badger would you most like to own?" - new thread? Perhaps not. I'm told by my mother in law who lives in Norfolk that it's now quite legal to shoot and EAT a Canada Goose which are classified 'pests', but you can't sell them. I did run over a cat once...
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    Following a car

    It's quite a stressful time for both leader and followed. Certainly, leading needs more than usual care, making sure that your 'brood' all got through the last traffic light etc. Trying to follow an inconsiderate leader is worse, especially in a strange city where you could get lost at any moment.
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    Rate your driving ability

    I guess it depends on your parameters. I've been driving since 1971 (must get some sleep some time), and the only accidents in which I've been involved in, in approaching half a million miles, have been others running into me from the rear, so from an insurance company's perspective, I'm a...
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    How to rid the world of Multiplas

    But they weren't that shape (i.e. "the shape of a car" for Rob's benefit) in the first place! If only there was an 'Aesthetics' branch of the Traffic Police, with a terms of reference to stop and question all drivers in charge of an offensive car.
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    Something very very dissapointing but funny

    Either that or change your ID on here!
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    New top gear series coming up

    All of which makes it very difficult to schedule their use on main lines, with faster accelerating and faster cruising trains coming up behind them. Still, at least this time, James May is driving something which means he can't sabotage attempts to beat bloody Clarkson by refusing to run for a bus.
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    What's the biggest mistake you've made on your car?

    Oh yeah - been there! Thought I'd check my wife's Suzuki SJ oil level. Knowing that it'd probably need quite a bit, I poured 'quite a bit' in to be surprised by the fact that it had no impact on the dipstick. Poured some more, still no show on the dipstick. Turned engine on - glug glug...
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    What's The Oddest Situation You've Driven In

    That reminds me - a couple of years back whilst on holiday in Spain, I'd hired a Ford Focus estate. Driving through one sleepy Andalucian town we were diverted around the main square as it was being set up for a fiesta, complete with bandstand. I followed the 'Desvio' diversion signs...
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    What's The Oddest Situation You've Driven In

    When I worked for BT, I was delivering some technical equipment at Heathrow to one of BA's Technical Blocks. When I enquired how I was supposed to get a hundredweight of gear up to the switchboard, the doorman pointed me to the lift and told me to drive my car into it. It was really weird...
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    Hello from Spain

    Hola! ¿Qué tal? Esto es un 'foro' muy simpático y útil. Bienvenidos. Tengo un coche español. :):)
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    Fuel prices are creeping up again

    According to, my cheapest garage within 5 miles is actually my nearest Shell - 400 yards away, which is nice cos I get about 3.5p off per litre using a selection of cards at Shell garages. Diesel is 101p with petrol a very close 97p - this represents the closest I've seen...
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    Around here, the Thames is still tidal, so in the Richmond and Twickenham areas there are no end of prime 'parking streets' marked "Warning - Area Liable To Flooding". It's easy to assume that this only applies to winter, but you do so at your peril. A friend of mine wrote off his Peugeot 406...
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    New scale for Torque

    Given the price of beer these days, it kind of ruins the argument that torque is cheap. What about expressing torque as the number of bar staff needed to wring an ale-soaked bar towel bone dry? You could call the unit BARS - what's that? It's been done? Oh b****r! Oi'll get me coat. As it was...
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    Car makers you would like to go bust

    I've never owned a Peugeot but ditto to the rest! The Renault I had was my first brand new car and had so many things wrong with it I wished I'd known about 'rejection'. The Citroen C4 VTS diesel is easily the least reliable car I've EVER had, and the first one to leak oil on my drive for about...
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    diesel sources

    When you say there are no US diesel cars, do you have the diesel version of your Chyrsler 300? It's got a Mercedes-sourced in-line 6 diesel and sounds quite sweet from the outside.