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    New Motor

    Well when I say new I mean new to me. Just picked it up this weekend Mercedes 300 CE - 24 Coupe Limited Edition Nice little ride, needs some work doing to it but it seemed cheap enough at £2700. Guy said it might be a Carat Duchelet but not sure about proving that but never mind. It will...
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    MY current capri project

    I bought the car in 2002 for £250 and have since spent an ever increasing amount of money on it, a year ago I decided to bite the bullet and as I had made a few contacts and friends in the right circles I booked it in for an engine rebuild but as things went on we found more and more things...
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    Hi all

    Just joined after seeing a post about the show on my club website. I'm James, I have a street racer style Capri being built atm. I work as a parts advisor at a main dealer.