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    Granada parts wanted

    Thx Turbonutter69 will check that out ;)
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    Granada parts wanted

    Thx for replies, but the cars you are mentioning are sadly mk3's & totally different shape! Thx again! Chris...
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    Granada parts wanted

    Hi all, due to some little %$*)(s breaking in to my garage & damaging my car I am now on the search for Windscreen,Rearscreen,rearscreen chrome trim,Aerial & Vinyl dashboard surround, for a 1984 Ford Granada MKII 4 door saloon. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
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    What Do You Keep In Your Car?

    CD's, window cloths, Blood glucose tester & sweets/ cereal bar,bottle of drinking water,1st aid box & bit of change for them ' oh! damn it went over by a penny ',dashboard/cockpit wipes,atlas in case satnav fails :amazed: & in the boot coat, & breakdown kit,( & de-icer in winter ). Chris...
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    New panoramic windscreens

    I have electric sunroof ( come to think of it every thing electric :amuse: ), & AC on my Granny, which is a bit mad when you consider she's 24 yr old :blink: Sometimes think I need a power station as well as a petrol tanker to accompany it. LOL Chris.. :blink1:
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    Project Car

    Mine is my ' Granada', but I have been thinking of getting another ' old or classic ', to do once granny is finished. already got a MkII Golf & Jensen Interceptor, sat in the sidelines awaiting decision ( & funds of course :toung: ), but ' her at home ' wants a mkIV, MkV Cortina Crusader...
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    Setting up your mirrors.

    Erm! :confused:, trust me , mine seem to be the opposite, rear view closer. :blink: Chris.. :blink1:
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    Car Maintenance

    I clean car/s every week weather permitting, inside & out, polish & wax every 3-4 months. water, oil etc checked every month & fixed were needed, otherwise changed once a yr. Tyres checked weekly. Chris.. :blink1:
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    Medical problems and licence revocation

    Nice one Hdi fun,good to hear you overcame it m8. I had actually forgot ' clinical depression ', off my list oops!:embarrest:. The part what shocked me, is I know a few peeps with illnesses same or similar to mine & they had licence revoked, or reduced a lot lower than mine 1 & 3 yrs. I think it...
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    Setting up your mirrors.

    I prefer to see a bit of rear wings for reference & have blind spot mirrors on both wing mirrors, & use a panoramic rear view mirror. I think I cover main blind spots with these, but always check over right shoulder before pulling away. Chris.. :blink1:
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    Do you believe the adverts on performance parts

    I would check the worlds biggest library 1st, probably car forums! :toung: Chris.. :blink1:
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    Medical problems and licence revocation

    Don't kid yourself ;) if there's one thing I have learned from the past 2 yrs is it can happen to anyone,anytime!! Leading up to my heart attack I led a pretty healthy life, diet & exercise,I was doing an active outside job ( Countryside Ranger ) 37k p.a. so it wasn't money stress! I got up that...
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    Whats the naughtiest thing you've seen a police car do.

    Getting back from the hospital last night about 3:30 am, an unmarked was driving around our estate with zero lights on, I only saw them as they pulled alongside as I was about to reverse into drive! :mad: I'm sure if I had no lights on they would have had plenty to say :?: Chris.. :blink1:
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    The 4 best looking european cars?

    TVR Cerbera, :blink: Jensen Interceptor, Countach, Aston Martin Lagonda. Can I please choose 5, :toung: Bugatti Veyron :blink: :rolleyes: Chris.. :blink1:
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    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    Mine would have to be: Celica, Prelude, Mazda Montrose ( one of my 1st restores ;) ), Skyline. Chris.. :blink1:
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    Medical problems and licence revocation

    Cheers Wayne, yeah it is a lot to cope with, but I have learned to get used to it a bit more now! It was a big shock to system to go from healthy go lucky, to slow lane ( only physically, can still use outside lane, ( rapidly LOL ), in space of a cpl of months. Just hoping illnesses haven't...
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    Hi madman, welcome to Torque cars :) Chris.. :blink1:
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    how do all

    Hi jime808 welcome to the site! :) P.S. I believe you have to have 10 posts before you can post pics ;) Chris.. :blink1:
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    Which sat nav have you got?

    I had a garmin but wasn't happy with it, now use a Tom Tom, it does its job, but the software has gone down & I can't upgrade it anymore!:sad2: Chris.. :blink1:
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    Do you have a workshop manual

    I have one for the ' Granny '. Come to think of it I have had one for every car I've had. Chris.. :blink1:
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    1 Hour Motorway or 1.5 hours A road?

    Was ' grip ' being the operative word there? HDi fun, I think I meant I prefer the rally style rather just up to speed then sit like a zombie on the motorway. Its more challenging to do a certain ' run ' faster than last record, or a strange road as fast as possible, ( Ok when dry, but put a...
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    Car security - how safe is your car?

    I dont worry when car is parked at home, ( covered by 3 cctv cameras ( one hidden )recording 24/7), plus usual alarm/immobiliser & visual deterrents & two lots of trackers! ( one with remote shut-down ) :blink: Plus rotor arm in my pocket with keys. ( Keys never left out ). I'm not paranoid...
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    Number plates gone mad.

    I agree, mine is 24yr old & I ' brag ' about it! :toung: With plenty TLC will probably / hopefully :amuse: last another 24 :rolleyes:. Chris.. :blink1:
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    If you could redesign a cars controls....

    Haven't a lot of drivers out there already done this, I'm sure I've seen some on back shelves ;) ;) Chris.. :blink1:
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    Electric cars - are they really cars?

    What do they make a ' hoover engine ', that has the same grunt & growl! as my V6 ????? :rolleyes: Okay I give in that it would be cheaper to run, could always get a plastic mould cover to look like my V6 & a Cd for the growl! Erm! think not will stick to my ' gas guzzling, growling monster '...
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    Leaving your wheels angled whilst parked.

    If I don't put it in ' park ', it won't let me have the keys! Seem to remember driving intsructor saying something about wheels facing outwards could confuse passing cars, I replied " what when I'm not in the car?? " LOL Chris.. ;)
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    Reversing Aids???

    :bigsmile: :o 8-) I never realised it could have been took that way :shock: Excellent sense of humour though, was giggling for a while after reading last few messages! Chris.. :blink1:
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    1 Hour Motorway or 1.5 hours A road?

    Country roads for me! :) IMO motorways are boring, :toung: I like the ' you never know whats round the bend ' way of driving ( keeps my reactions in top form too lol ) :lol: even some A road dual carriageways can be ' boring ' depending on traffic. Chris.. :blink1:
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    What Was Your First Mod?

    Erm! my first was on my ' dare i say ' Marina Coupe :embarrest: , which was a 2ltr head, re-bore, corduroy rings, four prong sparks,induction kit, timing chain ( from belt ),large bore exhaust,up rated brakes, full interior ( including deep buttoned seats/ door cards) recovered dash, home made...
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    Medical problems and licence revocation

    I had to report my illnesses: Angina ( Not brought on by driving), Coronary & congestive Heart failure, Hypothyroidism,Auto immune deficiency ( NOT hiv), Diabetes 2, Scarring & fluid on lungs, Scarred kideys, cirrhosis of the liver, cervical spondylosis, arthritis in left shoulder, arm & leg...
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    Reversing Aids???

    Thanks all, :) I was considering the ' Camera ' option! Checked the ' Steemate ' site, quite like the PTS800V3 ;) I know there are a lot of cheap ones on the market, but I am a firm believer in ' you get what you pay for '. I am prepared to pay expensive as like I say on a bad day its important...
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    Reversing Aids???

    Has anyone tried any of the many reversing aids on the market??? On a ' bad day ', I struggle turning left to look out of rear window, when reversing & have to rely on just mirrors, which obviously don't give a true image, especially distance ;). So I have been considering some kind of ' Aid '...
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    Driving Etiquette

    I tend to be fairly courteous ie: letting cars out turning left ( as I have often sat there ),keeps th traffic flowing, whats another ' one ' in front of me ;) but if some muppet has shot down the outside or inside for that matter, hoping to save, what 30,40 secs, I won't let them back in! Also...
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    Do you have an air freshner in your car?

    I have also posted some pics here: Chris.. ;)
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    Pictures of my Granny

    Do you mean like this: Oops! :oops: Bonnet is not out of align, I popped it before taking photo! The bit that does most of the work LOL Not sure if Ex-owner had an hoover? :confused: These pics are of her as I got her :( Can't wait to get her home for a good clean & a Lot of...
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    Are you a silent or chatty driver

    I tend to go either way LOL, just realised how that sounds :embarrest: My passengers tend to be chatty which I will join in, unless ' road conditions take precedence, then I shut up & concentrate on what I'm doing ( or should that be supposed to be doing lol ) Have to admit I'm one of the first...
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    How good are you at parking?

    My mate used to say " he was taught, that if you can put your foot between wheel & curb, your ok!, He says I can park in middle of road then & still be ok, ( size 12 feet ) He says mine are not feet they're yards lol. I prefer bay parking, front first or reverse in, I don't mind. Parallel park...
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    Do you have an air freshner in your car?

    Yeah HDi fun, Comfort: its like a moblile living room, crossed with a hovercraft, LOL. Mine is the carb version, but she's like the proverbial " sh*t of a hot chrome shovel " :blink1: I have put some pics in an album on my profile! Please bear in mind these pics are of her as I got her...
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    Most hated drivers out of .....

    My pet hate would have to be our local ' road owning ' Taxi drivers :mad: cut you up,sit on your exhaust, in their damn Doblo's, Kangoo's etc. as if any one of them could catch my Granny if I didn't want em to! :p, even my Corsa blows em away on take off! ( funny watching their faces in mirror...
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    My Ins, has shocked me, on a brand new ( 57 ) Corsa D Design 14i 16v, if it wasn't on Motability LV wanted £470 FC + courtesy car cover, yet in total contrast, For my 1984 Granada Ghia X 2.8 V6 quotes: £285 FC with £250 excess & courtesy car cover. Fully comp with £500 excess & no courtesy car...