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    45/ZS td ixl ?

    is there such a thing as an MG ZS dti, mines a 2000, 2ltr L, 17" mg spokes, 40 profile tyres, all the right badges 'n' stuff but its got lots of chrome on it ?, is it a fake,,cos if it is then someones spent a few quid on suspention , wheels, badges & it goes quick when the turbo kicks in at...
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    window problem

    Thought this was a "very friendly car site"
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    Which is faster

    At say 2 or 3 in the morning, no more than 2 hrs 15 mins,,,excluding road works !!!
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    winter tyres

    hey yugguy, remember what happend to that guy walkin along mindin his own business happily eating a peach !!!!
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    3p fuel duty hike scrapped

    100% with u waynne, but derv must go down first to ensure the kick-start starts from the manafacturer, to the stores & onto us,,,,,chances of this happening,,,zero,,,but we can all dream .
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    75 Corvette Tuning

    ok, ive had lots of yanks,,to get more ponnies for free try this, turn distrib: up from,, i think your running 8 datc,, to 22-25 atdc, but u will run very hot so take the stat out, may have to alter fuel flow oh & the twin kenlows r a must,,,d'you run inboard computers for the fuel system , my...
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    Oh no!!!!

    sorry to hear that mate,,happens to the best of us,,,buy a vauxhall,,they break the belt at the bottom of the eng: lower pully,,happend to me twice & no damage to the lump...
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    window problem

    Minus 5c last night ,, ok not too bad but after scraping the windows i dropped the pas: window only to see the glass stay in place,,panel off, its come un-glued from the bottom retainer runner, what thick black glue do i use to stick it back together guys..????:(
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    Violence in Skyfall

    yeah, tight shorts n sideways muscle cars,,,,,aahhhh,,,what could be better????
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    45/ZS td ixl

    :confused: does anyone run a diesel zs or 45, ive got a W 2000, 2ltr turbo ZS, but i didnt think they built them that early, still, it goes like stink when the turbo kicks in AND ive just done a £20 test, combined mpg, & got 59.1 !!!:confused::confused:
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    Violence in Skyfall

    d'you rearly think "elanor" was real,, Bad Boys "cobra" was'nt a cob, BUTb i shed a tear when i found out they destroyed a few 440's in "dukes of hazzard", im stil in mourning,,
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    Hello from Vietnam.

    Only 1 rule with cars & women, 2 pockets,,1 for wedding & then mortgage,, the other's for your pride'n' joy,,,be lucky... TTFN
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    hello everyone

    Welcome Globetrotter,, you'll find this is the best car site around,,my freind just sold his RS, got it upto 405bhp & got bored so he got the new Skyline 650,,
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    What car should i get

    Reliant Robin van,,,0-60, pass, bhp, not included, but but you'll have fun round the bends.....
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    Secondary turbo ???

    I never thought of an economy re-map, thats the way to me thinks,,,,AND i get to keep the wife, nice one Old git. many thanks.
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    Old newbee ???

    Thanks tn69, it feels great to be back, bit like getting back from a camper van holiday in the Antarctic !!!!!! cheers mate.. TTFN
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    Will this rain ever end

    People said i was nuts living on a boat on the Thames, not so me thinks, no gutters to worry about, no waterlogged gardening, i say bring on the rain, i think you ought to get a "flasher mac" & just enjoy the wet stuff...ha ha..TTFN
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    Fitting a turbo .........some do's and dont,s

    Hi Sleeper, good article, now can u swing by diesel chat & give me a non expensive answer, pleeease...
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    Secondary turbo ???

    Hi folks, ive got a dilema, i want to get my MG zs dti upto 60 mpg, (ave), at present im on 54 mpg, obviously im going for economy, mind you, it does kick when the turbo cuts in at 2k rpm, so i need to find anyone who fitted a secondary turbo to the exaust system, . The dilema im facing is that...
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    MGzs dti

    Hi stamford, yeah the lump is an L 2ltr, noisey top end but gives 54 mpg ave, i also need to replace the drive shafts & i think the inner shaft barings + both wheel barings. How many DTi's were build i dont know but mine was no:9998 off the line at Longbridge, thats rare in its self. The...