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  1. RobBentley

    Bad Fuel @ Shell (V-Power)

    I think there must be some contamination in the fuel or a bad batch of fuel at my local shell as last week the RS6 started running like a bag of spanners. Ignition timing was all over the shop (I have a p3cars vent gauge so I can see live timing, boost, EGT's etc) and it'd miss so badly at...
  2. RobBentley

    Roads very slippery?

    Hey. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how slippery the roads are at the moment? Coming down the lanes back from work yesterday evening... temperatures 3-4c, some parts of the road where really grippy but some places seem to have turned into feeling like ice rings - even without any ice.
  3. RobBentley

    What is a boy racer

    What do you consider a boy racer - as this will help us answer the are you a boy racer thread question? I generally call them the corsa/saxo club that hang around McDonald's car parks at 2am.... Something I've never done.
  4. RobBentley

    Tyre's getting low? Try this...

    Not sure what on earth I just watched, but it scared me a lot...
  5. RobBentley

    Automatic Climate Control...

    Do you have it and do you use it as intended? I don't know why it bugs me but it does. The amount of people's cars I get it and they're continually messing with it... fan up, fan down etc never in auto mode trying to maintain a certain temperature. They're blasting heat out and then trying to...
  6. RobBentley

    Hey all - I'm back :)

    Hey All. I'm back on the Torque Cars scene... I think its been a good 12 months since I decided to grace (bore!) you all with my presence lol. I kinda lost interest a little bit after ditching the RS4 for a C63 AMG as per: What a...
  7. RobBentley

    Charcoal filter?

    Hey Guys. My C63 has two filters in each air box... a normal paper air-filter and what Mercedes call a 'charcoal' filter. I've heard of a lot of AMG owners removing the charcoal filters to increase air-flow and thus horsepower... I'm not honestly that worried about removing mine, 482bhp...
  8. RobBentley

    The RS4 has gone.. OMG!

    Hey All. For those of you who remember me, I'm back, but without my RS4 & Range Rover Sport. I've changed to having 1 car... Don't worry I've not gone all sensible and bought something small and nippy that does 60+mpg. Who wants to guess what I've bought? For the first time in ages I've...
  9. RobBentley

    What's my RS4 worth?

    Hi Guys. Just wondering what people think my RS4 is realistically worth? As much as I love her, I am thinking of selling to fund the deposit for a house for myself and my girlfriend so we can stop renting... She is a 2006 '06 B7 RS4 Quattro 4.2 V8 FSi Saloon in the standard issue RS blue with...
  10. RobBentley

    RS4 is back!

    Hey All. The RS4 is back on the road after I managed to CRACK the factory clutch... *woops*... fitted a Sachs sintered paddle clutch and FLIPPIN HELL was it aggressive to start with. Massive judder and pretty much on/off affair. A bit of reading says they take circa 1000 miles to bed in...
  11. RobBentley

    Intake & Valve Cleaning...

    Hey All. Anybody able to make recommendations on a good garage able to take the top off my RS4 engine and clean the intake and valves? I know they're known for heavy amounts of carbon build-up thanks to the FSI, so I figured I may do some preventative maintenance before it becomes a problem...
  12. RobBentley

    Are you all sitting down?

    I today put a deposit down on..... ... a Diesel..!! The fuel of the Devil will be burn't by me soon. :embarrest:
  13. RobBentley


    Aaaagghhh!!! Bloody freezing drive into work this morning.
  14. RobBentley

    Petrol at 19p/ltr - Yeah right...

    Too good to be true imho..
  15. RobBentley

    TopGear Mag - Cool Wall

    So who got this months TopGear magazine.. and more importantly from your free set of cool-wall fridge magnets, what made your sub-zero section? :embarrest: My fridge is built in behind the cupboards though... so I've had to make do with a cool 'kitchen extractor'!! :lol:
  16. RobBentley

    I'm Back!

    Hi All. Been quite a while since I posted here so I thought I'd say hi again :) Cutting a short story shorter... The RS4 got side-swiped by a women towing a trailer so that put me on a 'downer' with cars, so I stopped hanging around on the forums. Got it back 2 days before going on...
  17. RobBentley

    Which one: SLK55 or SL55 AMG...?

    Hi All.. OK, so I have sold the Freelander and the W8 is going on eBay shortly.. So I have been tempted by something radically different as a new toy. I'm very much a 4wd fan, but I fancy something rear wheel drive for the sheer hell of it. That and I've never a tin-top, so I'm toying between...
  18. RobBentley

    Do you let your Wife/Husband or Girlfriend/Boyfriend drive your car(s)?

    Saw this on another forum with some interesting answers! Do you let your Wife or Girlfriend drive your car?
  19. RobBentley

    Cleaned the RS4 - Few evening shots :)

    Got a little bored after cleaning the car, decided to try some low-light shots. Figured I'd share them with fellow petrol heads :)
  20. RobBentley

    Tesco Momentum 99 Unleaded Fuel...

    Hey All. I tanked the RS4 from nearly empty with Tesco Momentum 99 two days ago, simply because it was nearby. I usually stick with Shell V-Power. Anyway, last two days, I couldn't get it out of my head that the car felt slower. I had forgotten all about putting in Tesco Momentum 99, so I...