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    MAZDA 3 MPS?! Really???

    Evening all, It's been ages from I've posted so apologies in advance. The reason for the lack of posting is that my beloved Seat Leon FR PD170 decided to commit suicide and has spent the last 4 months in the garage!!! Hint of advice never buy one ..... ever!!! With that in mind I am looking...
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    Uprated PD170 Fuel Injectors???

    Evening chaps and chappettes, It has come to my attention and severe dismay that "apparantley" there are no upgrades to the fuel injectors for the PD170 engine that has pride of place in the Leon FR???? I'm shocked and stunned given that I was looking to go the full monty and get the FR fully...
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    Car insurance and under declaring!

    Evening all, I would normally say good evening but sadly not this one!!! I managed to get my first speeding ticket in 6 years of driving today (Not a bad achievement) and found out that traffic cops have a vast amount of wizardry to catch you nowadays. Having taken it on the chin, quite...
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    Hi There

    Hi all, I'm new to the site and I'm currently runnin a remmapped Seat Leon FR TDI which pushes around 215bhp. Looking to take it further but not sure where to go with it!! All suggestions are welcome!!! Enjoy Rusty
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    Leon FR TDI how do I get more horses?

    Hi All, As you can see I'm a youngster to the site so I was looking for a bit of help! I'm driving a remapped Leon TDI FR just now. It's been remapped with a pipercross panel filter and sports exhaust giving it about 215bhp (just over 350lb/ft). I've done the sensible thing and uprated the...