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  1. charger69

    Rest in peace

    This man just passed away, and he was a car collector, you can find the photos at the bottom, sorry for the confusing langauge... lol...
  2. charger69

    TAM 110

    Shame this little beast didn't got into further development because it had potential!
  3. charger69

    Favorite Youtube car show/reviews?

    I been seeing a long time the Donut Media. Cool guys, typical hipsters, love the show, except they stil haven't done a Opel episode.. lol
  4. charger69

    How amazing is this? Love this!

  5. charger69

    Suspension/wheels setup

    Was looking on the internet about BTCC cars suspension setup, since liked kinda the primera and was curious about it and found this, which I think is interesting and useful.
  6. charger69

    How crazy is this?

    It is a Nissan 350Z. body kit is made using foam for construction, and i Guess he used kit to fix the shapes afterwards. Is this material good enough for this, etc?
  7. charger69

    Small cars with motorbike engines

    Seen some little boxes running on 150 to 250 hp on 600kg weight max. it is usually cars of type fiat 500/650/750, 126, cinquecento, seicento, that have motorbike engines from 600cc to 1300cc. sound is amazing, and they go fast. So talking financially, the car costs 150 - 200 euros, but the...
  8. charger69

    Toyota Celica 5th gen, worth it or not?

    So in all this situation being away from home, and tight to none money, came up to this is it worth to rebuild it on a longer period tight budget or not? Any of ya guys had experience with these?
  9. charger69


    Well friends, I am now here in Switzerland staying for 7 months now. love the nature, and the chance to see some beautiful and rare cars. will post pics soon. all is good except the poor social skills of the swiss people, hard to befriend someone and feels so dead having nowhere to hangout with...
  10. charger69

    Just got back and doing a peugeot 306 convertible

    Well in this garage in Switzerland am working on this peugeot 306 cabrio. hopefully to do something out of it..... we'll see what will come out
  11. charger69

    Peugeot 306 convertible roof issues, annoying, french style!

    What's up my friends? glad to be back again after a long time for real. I am doing this peugeot 306 convertible of a friend and am having roof issues. roof goes down, put altogether but wont go lower so the coverage can be closed...... what is the issue? roof structure is ok, checked...
  12. charger69

    After the accident

    Before 2 weeks had an accident. was driving in mad condition, family problems, was close to divorce, long sotry, short. Driving back home, was doing 70 kmh, I know it is not legal, and in one moments from being nervous didn't realise i turned more than should and hitted a parked car, a 2014...
  13. charger69

    Friends project Starion/Conquest

    This is a project of a friend of mine from U.S. it is a Starion body over a custom chassis with a corvette C5 engine. project is still working on. the computer sketch is how it should look. really impressive thing, so I invited him here, and thought to share this awesome project.
  14. charger69

    Changing coilovers in 15 minutes, failed but still impressive

    plus the girl in bikini lol. guy has the right tools and it's a nice miata. that fender tool was cool thing.
  15. charger69

    Matra Murena how rare? is this car a rarity? weird french car. lol.
  16. charger69

    cool find! 4800 euros. 350HP. it's a local guy, must see this guy and check the car, altho i am short on budget, lol i will need another 3700 to add for this babe. but looks impressive, and is it true that this car is race...
  17. charger69

    should I be worried?

    yesterday I drove around 300 meters or so to a shop, and when stoped say the handbrake was on, and when went outside there was a smell of burnet plastic. can there anything be damaged and should I be worried? 1998 opel corsa b is the car.
  18. charger69


    Will these fenders, from the rear wheels, fit into the opel corsa b, and will it look good, talking on all 4 wheels.
  19. charger69

    Glad to be back

    Hey people... sorry I left for a while, had issues, but glad it's all done now, somehow... well the custom car I did talk about, nothing from it yet, but I got myself a Corsa B, X14XE engine, has a promising acceleration, 11 seconds to 62 mph altho ahven't tested it yet. it's a 2 door...
  20. charger69

    X14XE Corsa B here

    Hey peeps! Just got myself a 1998 Opel Corsa B 1.4l 16v, with 90 HP N/A . car does good, interior is nice, and stock. has hard front low suspensiont, everything else is stock. I need to fix the abs brakes and make the speedometer work agains since they are connected together thru sensors. I'll...
  21. charger69

    Custom car project

    Good news: A friend of mine agreed to let me his tools, and help me with welding, cutting, and other things about me starting a custom car build. but he is suspicious if electric welding will be strong enought to weld a chasis for a car. The Idea is to build something in Caterham seven style...
  22. charger69

    Grid girls, Pit babes, etc... the wonderful ladies

    Lol they're another thing to take our attention, after cars. nearly all fo them are beautiful babes clothed in the most hot way possible. I know most of them are models who just do their job, but damn can you just resist them without giving a try to impress them to go out? I would!!!
  23. charger69

    Have you met any other forum member?

    I haven't, since most are from UK. how about you?
  24. charger69

    New Fiat 124 Spider

    This is the new Fiat 124 Spider: this car is build over the ne MX5 Mazda, so since companies re-arrange markets today instead of buyers having a choice I guess this one will go for sale in my country instead of the MX5, which would be my fav instead of this. what is your opinion? it's...
  25. charger69

    Car memes, let's laugh!

  26. charger69

    East European/Soviet unique race cars u might never heard of

    The Lada Samara EVA, was ment for the famous B Group rally, back in the 80's , looks a like the peugeot 205, but I like it. here is wikipedia about it:
  27. charger69

    Valves per cylinder and Turbo

    so, since the valve per cylinder is a thing that matters, does it mean 5 valves per cylinder can handle bigger turbo's? has anyone had any experience with that, and is it possible to turbocharge a 2 valve per cylinder engine? I have heard it can but they get short life after it and can't handle...
  28. charger69

    European hotrods/ratrods

    there are a few euro cars that are being turned into hotrods. so far have seen beetles, citroen dyanne/2cv and a bmw 2002 weirdly. so my point is is it expensive and is a hotrod ment to be a high performance car? if i did i'd go for high performance.
  29. charger69

    engine description

    if anyone has any engine description picture, let's share them!
  30. charger69

    nissan 200sx s13 zenki

    there's one for sale of those, 1500 euros with ok papers, build 1990. what do i need to know for those? it has a ca18det
  31. charger69

    beginner tuners vs pro tuners

    i realised there are beginners cars and pro cars, however it doesn't mean to be like this always, but most times it is, here's a sample of some JDM i realised Honda : Begiiner - Civic/Integra Pro - S2000/NSX Toyota : Beginner - Celica/MR2 Pro: Supra Nissan : Beginner...
  32. charger69

    3000GT vs EVO

    why EVO is cheaper than 3000GT?
  33. charger69

    Fast 6

    so how do you feel ya brits now? at last, but in the best place.
  34. charger69


    lamborghini miura p400 jota back in 1970 did 320 km/h top speed 3.6 seconds 0-100 km/h 900 kg weight. so what the improvement of lambo today? the did way better back than, than today. adding weight to the cars doesn't make them better get it! add better aerodynamics, that's what they go on...
  35. charger69

    German autobahn top speed limit

    heard on a german news TV the germans are going to limit the tops speed to 120 km/h, what the heck? retarded politicans.
  36. charger69

    steering wheel side switch

    ok, how does this go? swap the entire steering wheel system and dashboard, or goes more easily? have anyone of ya done this before?
  37. charger69

    running again

    these days was too lazy going at the bank to get the $$$ am going to get a zastava 101 project car for me.
  38. charger69

    this inspired me, hope you will too this yugo is amazing, the look the engine, everything, it inspired me to get one of those by every cost (well they ain't expensive) and by the price of hearing all day long my wife arguing like we have no place for a car and...
  39. charger69

    scary accident some scary accident at a rally championship in bosnia, 3 peeps are dead.
  40. charger69

    the shreck

    they called it shreck, the new unimog, too cool for the fields, eh?