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    Interior light switch

    my wife has a mk7 fiesta and the drivers door doesn't activate the interior light. Any ideas where the switch is located so I can check it.
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    Cool running engine

    i have a 1.8tdci mondeo mk4 59reg. The car engine temperature always fluctuates a lot. I have changed the thermostat twice and the engine coolant sensor is on the side of the engine in a dry pocket rather than in the fluid flow. I have changed this sensor as well. To rule out the gauge I have...
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    warped again

    I have a mk4 mondeo and the rest discs were fairly old and became warped resulting in thundering and vibration when braking. I changed them this year and bought some Mintex ones with matching pads. Just six months later and they have warped again. Is there a better brand or make that may...
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    Vectra dead randomly

    We have a 1.9tdi 2006 vectra. It has an intermittent fault that you put the keys in and turn the key but everything is dead. You do this 3 or 4 times then the dash lights up and starts. I thought this May be a key issue but it does it with both sets of keys. Any ideas.
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    Mondeo water temp

    I have just bought a 2009 mondeo 1.8tdci. All the cars I have ever driven normally have an engine temp of 90c which is normally the halfway mark on the gauge. This car however the gauge sits between 75 and 90c. Is this right for the car or so I need to start looking at...
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    AC just stopped working

    Hi I have a 58 reg fiesta and API switched on my AC that was working last week and now it's not. The fuse is fine and I have checked the pressure in the system (I have a top up unit with gauge) so I know it's not loss of refrige. The light on the AC button works so how can I test if I have a...
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    Vectra c diesel slow starting

    My brother in law has a 56 reg Vectra 1.9cdti. When leftover night or for even a couple of hours the car turns over normally but doesn't fire for about 10-15 seconds. We have changed the fuel filter and have changed the glow plugs but the problem still persists. Any ideas what to tackle...
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    Fault code B2791

    I have had an airbag light on my car sine i bought it. i have just don a dignostics check and the above code appears. On the diagnostics it says its 'Air Bag Cut off switch (ACS) out of range' I am stumped as the car is not fitted with an airbag cut off switch?. I have had the Air Bag control...
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    Water pump fault?

    My friend has an 02 punto 1.2. The pipes to and from the radiator were cold even when the engine was hot and the fan would come on (obviously because the engine was getting hot). I have changed the thermostat for them but it I am not sure if there is another problem. The temperture gauge goes...
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    Seat belt pretensioner

    I bought a car that had been a car c and it had the airbag light on when I bought it. I have run a diagnostics and have two faults. One is an open circuit on a seat belt pretensioner so this obviously has been activated and needs replacing. The other is for an 'air bag cut off switch out of...
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    air con

    My fiesta has Air con but I find that the compressor kicks in and out all of the time. The cooling is fine then goes slightly warm and then cold again (obviously in line with the compressor kicking in ant out). when the car idles it does not do this only when driving along or if you are at...
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    crunching 2nd when car gets hot

    Hi there, I have a Mk6 Fiesta Zetec S on a 58 reg and only when the car has been on a long drive do I then start to get a light crunching of 2nd gear when selecting it. It is always when the car has been on a good run say 30-40 miles and never happens when the car is on short journeys or cold...
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    broken bleed nipple

    Bought a 58 reg Fiesta Zetec S last year I decided to change the brake fluid as part of good practice (2 year cycle). I then discovered the previous owner/garage had broken off the bleed nipple on the nearside caliper. There is about 1 mm of flared nipple left and enquire if anyone has any...
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    Picasso Discs

    Trying to change the brake discs on a Picasso but the caliper carrier is in the way. It is fixed to the car with star bolts however I cant get them to budge. Is there another way round this or is it a garage job.
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    Induction Kit

    Have fitted an Induction kit to my 58 reg Fiesta Zetec S. the car sounds absolutly great but seems to have made the car a bit sluggish on accelleration but should improve it. Any ideas.
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    Focus stutter

    My dad ha a 55 reg 1.6 petrol focus. When accerating there is a definate blip/hiccup and then the car continues to accelerate. When driving on motorways there are no problems.Just when pulling in any gear the car has a hiccup as if its missed a cylinder. There are no warning lights and the...
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    AC Low pressure valve

    Does anyone know where the low pressure top up valve is for AC on MK6 fiesta's. I can find the High pressure one next to the main Radiator but cannot locate the low pressure one if every the system needs a top up.
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    Speedo change

    Owing to a cracked cover I am changing the speedo on my car (58 reg Zetec S. It has the digital centre that can display MPG, Radio station etc. Having read the Haynes manual it says if I change the unit I have to have it set by Fords WDS diagnostic system. Is this right or is there another...
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    Air Bag Light

    Just bought a 58 plate Mk6 plate Fiesta Zetec S and it has the airbag light on following the last the owner having the airbag turned off for a child to use the front seat. Do I have to go to fords to get this turned back on or is there another way that I can do it. Thanks
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    Cat d

    What are peoples thoughts on buying a CAT D car.