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    Best car for drift?

    Hi , In New Zealand we run, in the top D1 grade , Nissan Skylines, Silvia, Cefiro and the top guy runs a highly modified Mazda RX8 , with more drivers running V8s now compaired to a few years back. These cars are worth close to 100 Grand ,huge low down power and top end speeds ,all highly...
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    Saying Hello

    Gidday, Yip Its a 91 hilux and just about bomb proof , regulary serviced and they just keep going, the drift car is about 3 to 4 weeks off from finish. Thanks for the reply. U into the race car game mate? .
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    Saying Hello

    Hi All; My name is Dave and im from Cambridge , New Zealand , home of the mighty All Blacks, holders of the rugby world cup . Who is this person i hear you say, am self employed and drive a Toyota hilux 4WD ute that ive owned for 17yrs and the clock is rolling round to 500...