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  1. gummy

    Steam cleaning

    I have just bought a steam cleaner to clean my engine bay!. Is there anything i should lookout for when doing this?,i know that i dont want electrics to get to wet etc!,will it effect paint work etc?,any tips will be gratefully received as i have tried this before or had it done!:blink:
  2. gummy

    Mocal oil coolers

    Does anyone know about mocal oil coolers?,i have had one on my car for months but not connected it,it is a cooler with a filter relocation plate,the problem is the skyline filter does,nt fit it,i am told that ford,rover and vw filters fit mocal stuff but i cant seem to find out which filter will...
  3. gummy

    Wire up new horns !!

    My car has got twin horns which are not very good,so i bought a new pair which comes with a relay! the question is do i need to wire the new horns with the relay etc?,or seeing as the car has twin horns already can i just unplug the old horns and plug in the new ones ?.:confused::confused:
  4. gummy

    Irritating pip

    The other morning i was woke up by a repeating pip.....pip.....pip.....pip,it was 4 in the morning,the mrs woke up and asked whats that?,so i said i think its a car alarm,it went on and on kept us awake i said i wish the owner would sort it out,anyway after no sleep i left for work at 6.30,got...
  5. gummy

    New ford engine

    One of my sons who is a mechanic,and mot inspector got sent to a seminar by his boss,it was to do with Ford,the subject was a new engine for use in mondeos etc,it would be a complete unit which would go in and out of car easilly as one piece! it will be a 900cc 3 cylinder turbo/supercharged...
  6. gummy

    speed cameras

    :confused:If average speed cameras read front and rear number plates on cars!,what happens when a motorcycle speeds through?
  7. gummy

    Clean car health issue

    First of all i would like to say sorry for not being on forum for a while! and hope you all had a good christmas etc, I thought i would share my misfortune with you all some may laugh some may say ooogh that hurts any way after a lot of rain and no dry spells!my ca ar was filthy so on...
  8. gummy

    alloy wheel centres

    i have lost a centre from one of my alloys it is 55mm in diameter does anyone know of a wheel dealer i can get a set of centres from ebay tends to have car manufacturer ones my wheels are after market on the centres there is the initials BEO,i havant heard of them but then the car is about 13...
  9. gummy

    Hi everyone

    Hello everyone been working lots of hours lately and not had a lot of spare time, finished early today so thought i would say hello and hope everyone is ok and cars are running well!! not long now for the long hours so will be able to get on forum much more often!!:D:bigsmile::bigsmile:
  10. gummy

    Cat theft

    I dont know what it is coming to!!,down here in devon thieves are actually steeling the cats off of cars and vans whilst parked outside of the owners houses !!:amazed::mad:.
  11. gummy

    selling cars in layby

    There is a layby at the back of our house,there has been a bmw and a mondeo parked there for sale with price and mobile number,last night i saw a guy buy the mondeo at the roadside. My opinion of this is its a silly thing to do as if you...
  12. gummy

    Brake horse power

    I was just wondering how they work out bhp and what relavance it has to the power of a horse? I was also wondering what a twin air engine is? I have,nt seen BBJ on the forum for a while is he ok,its unlike him not to post !.
  13. gummy

    Gummys remap

    At last after a bit of a wait i finally got my remap done.It was done at Abbey motorsport they had it for a week which was no problem as they gave us a courtesy car,so we dropped the car up last saturday and picked it up today.They fitted a boost controller,an upgraded fuel pump and a nistune...
  14. gummy


    I took my car up to Abbey motorsport yesterday for a nistune board and remap ! we came away in a micra dci ,i was very surprised it nipped along very well and is very responsive.Its a lot better than i thought it would be. Are they normally nippy?.:o
  15. gummy

    Gatling gun exhaust

    I was on you tube browsing and saw an exhaust tail pipe on bikes and cars,as the engine revved the end of the exhaust spun round,it looked like the barrel of a gatling machine gun,i wonder if it would pass an mot? I am sorry i cant put in a link as i dont know how...
  16. gummy

    Odd car coverings

    I saw an imprezza in a mag today it had a diamond stitched leather covered boot lid,on the outside!.I was wondering what sort of other car coverings are out there,any one seen any?.:lol:
  17. gummy

    Chop shop

    Does anyone remember a tv show called Chop shop with Bernie and Leepu they used to make cars out of other cars usually for celebrities,I remember 1 where they put the complete drive train from a subaru imprezza into a VW golf,i think that was for Johnny vegas, Can you think of any they...
  18. gummy

    Juke gtr

    Has anyone seen the juke gtr prototype 2 made a lhd,rhd 0-60 3.7 secs,top speed 160 mph,dont know if it will be manufactured,its quite an ugly thing!,piccy in jap performance mag,cant put a piccy here,would,nt know how:):)
  19. gummy

    Oil changes

    I change my oil and filter every 4 months,2500-3000 miles!.Just wondering what the general opinion on oil changes etc is,i was told frequent changes are good and have done this since owning the r33 then the r34!.:):):)
  20. gummy

    Weight saving

    Just thougt of a thread started by Solomon a while back!,If anyone is interested in weight saving,there is a 4 page artical in march issue of Japanese Performance mag!.:)