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  1. old-git

    My new, still Beta, website chronicling my car's journey.

    Spent the last few evenings cobbling together a website the will record the trials and tribulations of building a fast car. Any suggestions, comments, etc from both the expert website builders on here as well as us 'normal' people, would be much appreciated. I am still working on it and...
  2. old-git

    Difference between 2.5 and 3" exhaust systems

    Interesting comparison. Unless you are producing a lot of power, all a bigger system on your 150bhp Clio/Astra/Corsa is doing is weighing you down :-)
  3. old-git

    Little things that tell you that you are obsessed with something.

    As some of you may be aware, I have been building an Elan for some years. During that time I have become very interested in losing weight (from the car) in order to go faster. This started out as a bit of fun but quickly turned into a mission. I have now realised that I am constantly thinking...
  4. old-git

    There is a forum for everything :-) I especially like this one. A phrase I have used many times :-)
  5. old-git

    Replacement Vauxhall Astra Turbo Engine Wanted

    My wife's engine has just given up the ghost, so trying to decide whether to rebuild or replace. A google search found quite a few engine replacement/reconditioning companies. The first three I looked at seemed pretty good, until I did a review search. All three had very bad reviews. Basically...
  6. old-git

    Aviva Driving App

    Anyone tried this? I decided, for a laugh, to download and try it out. You have to do 200 miles in order to get a score and assessment. My mileage included a 90 mile round trip, mainly dual carriageway, to see friends in Kent and 4 days of parcel delivering (lots of stop/start stuff)...
  7. old-git

    What's wrong with this aero wing?

    I bought this wing on eBay quite a few years ago, when I knew nothing about the design of wings or how they work. Took the end plate off just to have a look at the airfoil profiles and was somewhat surprised. Would anyone like to suggest what is wrong with this design or the way it has been...
  8. old-git

    Fifth Gear Nitrogen Test

    This was on this afternoon so I thought the youngsters on here who were in nappies when it first aired should have a chance to see it :-)
  9. old-git

    SEMA - How do I get a ticket?

    I would love to visit SEMA in Las Vegas but, as I understand it, it is for trade members only. Can anyone confirm this? If so, what proof do the organisers require in order to issue a ticket? Cheers. Steve
  10. old-git

    Retro Rides - Look what I've just found :-)
  11. old-git

    If you maintain and repair cars, this beats the hell out of working on Mondeos :-)

    These are the cars my son, Alex, is having to work on at the moment. If you have to work on cars, would you prefer to work on greasy, dirty, mundane road cars or these? Difficult one, that :-)
  12. old-git

    H-Section Rubber Seal Search

    I am looking for a thin H-Section rubber seal to butt join a couple of carbon fibre sheets in my boot. The internal gap between the sides of the H needs to be around 1mm. The height is not an issue. Needs to be black Any ideas?
  13. old-git

    Top Ten Fake Mods

    And my favourite? You guessed it, No 3 :) (although 6 runs it a close 2nd).
  14. old-git

    Fire extinguisher system help required.

    It's getting to the point that I need to sort out the fire suspression system for the Elan. Having had one fire in the car (many years ago) I don't want a repeat experience! However, I know nothing about what would be best and the choice of systems is daunting. Requirements: As light as...
  15. old-git

    Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) - Any advice?

    I am looking to replace the fuse and relay box I was planning to use with a solid state, programmable unit. However, the unit recommended by my proposed loom builder is over a £1000! Anyone aware of units at more reasonable prices?
  16. old-git

    Wings and Spoilers - You are probably doing it wrong!

    Please read and inwardly digest :-)
  17. old-git

    How old is your project car?

    How old is the car you are working on? Mine is 1967.