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    Question about Torque

    Simple but probably silly... I was told that torque is multiplied by the gear ratios and final drive of a powertrain. Is this true? If so, if a car has peak torque of 100 lb/ft with 1st gear ratio 3.6 and final drive 3.1, does that mean in 1st gear at full throttle there will be 1,116 lb/ft...
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    Swapping into a project car

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anybody had any advice about something I am considering. I currently have a smart car, which I love and is in good condition. I'm eyeing up the Fiat X1/9 from the late 70s / early 80s. I've always wanted one and I am wondering about trading in my smart car for a...
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    Most powerful 4WD

    Does anybody know what the most powerful 4wd car on the market is today? Nobody say Galibier :cheesy:
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    Buying a supercar on concept only?

    Hi guys, I'm doing some research into prestige / performance buying habits. Does anybody know of any cases where a supercar has been pre-sold before production? I.e. bought on manufacturer concepts rather than through testdrives / dealership viewing. Would you consider it? If so under what...
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    HP vs Torque vs RPM

    Hi Guys, Please tell me if I'm right or wrong. This is how I understand it. HP x 33,000 / C / (RPM/2) = T HP = Horsepower C = Number of Cylinders T = Torque in lb/ft Is this correct???
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    A Question about Anti Lag...

    Hi guys, In my quest to know more I've been buffing up about anti lag. And I've soon discovered that 90% of people don't have a clue what it is, and the other 10% can't explain it very well. I'd just like to clarify that anti lag basically retards the ignition of an engine to the point where...
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    Just been talking to...

    Hi guys, I've just been off the phone to a guy called 'Rick' from a company called CNC Heads ( discussing heads for a 408 small block Chevy. I'd just like to set the record straight because he was possibly the rudest arse I've spoken to and from my experience he's talking...
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    Using Ethanol as a Fuel

    I understand using Bio-Ethanol such as E85 has been discussed in earlier topics. But I put this to you; If you modified a (turbocharged) engine to take a higher boost and a lower compression ratio with appropriate ethanol friendly injectors... Assuming the rest of the engine was blueprinted and...
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    Increasing Engine RPM

    I have a small 700cc 3 pot turbo engine in the back of my smart. I love it... but I can't help thinking it has higher RPM potential. It cuts out at 6,500 rpm... what modifications would be needed to get it up to... say 10,000 rpm? As far as I can think... a better cooling system, stronger valve...
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    Lengthening your car?

    Is it possible to artifically lengthen your car... eg. elongate the chassis using wielded inserts so you end up with a longer wheelbase. I'm sure there's a whole plethora of complications I've overlooked... but is it possible?
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    Engine Swaps and Diffs

    If you were to do an engine swap on a car (I'm thinking about a 4L V8 Jag engine & auto box into a Nissan 300ZX) would you just shorten the prop shaft and use the existing diff or try to get a diff from the donor car?
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    A stupid question about diffs

    In a Front engine mounted, RWD car is the differential connected to the chassis, or is it just held in place by the shafts? I know it's a really stupid question but it's been bugging me for a while and I've found no answer.
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    British GT Cars

    When I say "British Grand Touring Cars"... what cars do you think of?
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    Most Beautiful Interior

    What car would you say has the best interior and why? I would have to go with the '09 Mercedes SL 65. Seat comfort is off the scale and you're surrounded by lashings of buttons and dials and screens. I could happily live in one.
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    Is using less than all cylinders damaging?

    If you had, say a nice big V8, and you wanted better mpg... could you (with a bit of tinkering and remapping) get the engine to only use half its cylinders on partial throttle? So the pretence is good fuel economy when cruising, and excellent power when flooring it. Would it be damaging to the...
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    A limit to engine size?

    I've been pondering something. In Europe we have 6L V12 Aston Martins, 4.7L V8 Koenigseggs and 6.5L V12 Lambos... but in america they have these big 8L, 9L, and sometimes 10L+ V8 stroker engines. Why don't we have them over here? I know they're primitive as hell and they chew up the fuel and...
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    1.2 Corsa - 2.5 V6 Mondeo Engine Swap

    Hi guys, I bought an old 1997 Vauxhall Corsa with a blown head gasket for £150 off Autotrader about a week ago... just to fiddle around with. I'm willing to delve into the unknown with an engine transplant... and I was thinking about swapping the 8V 1.2 4IL with a 2.5L 24V V6 from a Mondeo...
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    Different Types of Engine

    Just a quick question that came to me whilst I was staring lovingly at my car. Big supercars have huge V12 engines in them while dinky MCCs have little 3 cylinder jobs pulling them along. So why has no supercar company turned round and made a big 6L 3 Cylinder engine. Surely it has benefits...
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    Replacing a Head Gasket

    Hi Guys, I'm thinking of buying a cheap car with a faulty head gasket as a project car. What do you think would be the chance of being able to buy the car and replace the gasket then and there and drive it away instead of having to tow it?
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    One off performance car?

    Hi Guys, I want to throw out a question just to gauge how viable a plan of mine is. I'd like to take an old car and completley recondition it before stripping it down and turning it into an unusual one off performance car (I'm thinking ariel atom style). I'd like to get it Q Plated on the road...