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    Pug and BMW parts for sale. eolys fluid, strutbrace... etc

    4x litres eolys/serine,particle filter fluid, all individual 1ltr service kits, each with filling kit, new, £70 for 4 lires, £40 for 2 litres bmw e36 6 and 4 cylinder adjustable sparco front strutbrace, used, £15 peugeot expert/citroen dispatch brake pads, brand new genuine, £15 I also...
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    New bmw 325 tds owner, hello!

    Hello people, im here with my bmw 325 tds se, its my project car however im currently in the early stages, had it superchipped, boost gauge installed, waiting on manual boost controller and bigger intercooler then i will raise turbo pressure to around 1.3 - 1.4 bar max load, smiles all round, 50...