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    Brake while cornering yes/no

    I was learning to drive it was drummed into me that if the brakes were applied when turning at speed that I could end up in all sorts of trouble and only brake in a straight line. Well you can have the brakes on while cornering BUT ideally they should already slowing the car down in a straight...

    Excellent video on bleading radiators

    I call it burping the radiator to remove any trapped pockets of air in the system and this is how it's done. FWIW I used to silicone seal a plastic drink bottle in place of the radiator cap ( I have seen adapters that fit on to the radiator) and run...

    Dieing driving techniques

    With the ever increasing numbers of vehicles being sold with automatic transmissions. CVT (yuk) flappy paddles , reverse parking assist .lane departure warning ABS, traction control,stability control,radar cruise control and braking ,hill start assist etc making vehicles easier to operate...

    Excellent info re open deck blocks

    There have been some problems with a certain makers 2.3 turbo motors with the cylinder sleeves moving and causing blown or leaking head gaskets due to the open deck design that allows the top of the liners to move and compromise the head gasket seal. Darton have a remedy for all/most /some...

    Who is the oldest rev / petrol head on TC ?

    81 today so I should be somewhere up the pointy end. :)

    What could possibly go wrong ?

    Recently I have learned that some Euro makes have timing chains at the back of the block That are supposedly a "lifetime "job But should the chain stretch, the guide wear out or the the tension-er fail the motor has to come out. What engineering genius thought that that would be a good idea ...

    New format

    Full credit due to Waynnes upgraded site and his reviving old treads that have bought in new members as well as getting some old members to return and liven up things with new insights and replies. |B

    Happy new Year

    Just wishing all my friends and fellow members on the best forum ever a great 2020 thanks to all the hard work by Waynne |B

    Additional engine bay airflow fail

    At some events I see the rear hinged bonnets / hoods raised to supposedly help lower engine bay temperatures but unfortunately that area is a HIGH PRESSURE area and prevent the hot air escaping so IMO doing that would only be helpful in low speed off road situations. IF you need to install...


    Wow hasn't the last 12 months flown by ? so once more it is time to wish all my friends on TC a wonderful happy and safe merry Christmas and hope that Santa fills your stocking with lots of go fast bits.:) I also want to say a special thanks to Waynne who must spend countless hours keeping TC...

    What's on TCJB's 2020 bucket list ?

    It is the Gold Rush hill climb at Mt Morgan where gold was mined in the early days and it is a relatively new event with it being held for the 3rd time in 2020. I tried to enter this year but was too late as it had a full field within a couple of days of entries opening. A mate has sent me the...

    Claymore where are you

    Hopefully you have not come unstuck in that twin engined beast of a Volvo as you have been MIA on the forums for quite some time and I am running out of steam coming up with new subject matters to post.

    Where is Old Git?

    Hey Steve I along so many others who have been following the build are desperately in need of an update /fix on your progress building "the worlds fastest Lotus Elan"as you have had more than enough time off to recharge your batteries and get stuck into it again and your single minded pursuit of...

    TCJB's last track day for 2019

    It's at my local track next week and have just fitted new front pads and front tyres. The pads and tyres have lasted a years events consisting of 4 closed roads street sprints and 4 track days that total app 100 laps plus app 1k normal road driving. Have adjusted the Whiteline adjustable rear...

    TCJB'S Oakey sprints video

    This was my class winning best run Sunday morning.

    TCJB's alst street sprint for 2019

    It is being held at Oakey in an industrial estate an almost 2 hour drive away (in app 8 days time) towing my Civic Type R with all my camping gear packed in the tow car. The event is usually held earlier in the year but had to be postponed due to the difficulty of getting sponsors as the area...

    2019 Wondai sprints video

    Hopefully you will be able to see this one ...

    TCJB's Nambour sprints video

    This was a new event held on the roads inside the showgrounds over 2 days. It shows it was a tight undulating course that needed a cool head to set a fast time PS have had some instruction so this is my first time downloading a video onto the site.

    TCJB's track day video

    A mate put this on utube 4 me some time ago and am chasing but not quite catching a twin spark Alfa on the clubman circuit during a 5 lap session @ a Time Attack 1/2 day event. Am slowing from app 160+ kph to app 125-30 for T1 a bit earlier than I do now that I have gained more confidence in...

    TCJB's track day 31/10/19

    Had another one at my local track that is app 45 minute drive away and had decided to play with the tyre pressures to see if that would help reduce front end push before stiffening up the recently installed Whiteline adj rear sway bar. The rear tyres were 5 psi lower and I found that the rear...