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    Another car .........

    so coming from somewhere anyone know what it is and how old

    SO IM BACK ....(only been a year)

    So I thought Id better start using the forum again. TBH Im not sure why I stopped but it just happened. I can see most of the usual suspects are still here so hello again . Better give you guys a run down of the current fleet. Still have the silly stagea (currently being painted ) and the...

    new arrival coming

    Not sure where to put this so this seemed like a good place. Just bought a replacement daily drive for my Caldina GT4 Nissan stagea Axis (Autech version ) with all autech options V6 turbo AWD Tipronic box Black with grey leather Full autech bodykit 18" Axis alloys autech suspension - lowered...

    The torque cars shed thread

    I thought it would be a good idea to have our own shed thread, Essentially post pics here of cars that qualify. I will post a few to give people the idea. and my particular favourite (untill somone posts something better)

    HKS F Con V Pro Gold 3.2 ECU with launch control plug in

    As the title This model of the F Con is 64 bit and capable of quite fine tuning It has been running my stagea for quite a while and is only for sale as the new engine going into the stagea runs a crank trigger system. I have the loom and map sensor for a GTR but it will run any 4 or 6...

    Nutters in the rain

    Ive been driving a lot on the motorways today. I think there must have beem a nutters convention somewhere because they were cetainly all out today Just a few of the exploits I witnessed and honestly NO exaggerations and bear in mind It was pouring with rain So............................ A...

    Oops Ive done it again...........

    I took the car to RAF Marham for the 30-130 run by the MLR. Now the car quite well to start with... Id got the 30-130 time down to 13.5 seconds and a top speed of 166 which is v box timed not speedo (which was off the clock). The 166 top speed run had a lot of runway left so I had...

    What is the best polish after claying ?

    There are quite a few "best polish" threads on most forums including this one I have started this one because I have a specific question which I cant find a final answer to . I will be extremely grateful to hear any suggestions but can people please read the question because it is very...

    DVLA reaches new depths of insanity

    So Ive lost the photo card license and need a replacement I phone DVLA and religously follow the multiple choice options for "replacing a lost license " After 5 minutes and 10 seconds (my phone has digital timer) I finally reach the right person . Must have been at least 8 or 9 questions...

    Street legal 33gtr runs 8.82 at the pod

    Just ran at the pod on saturday A good mate of mine Jeff ludgate ran a 8.82 with 154mph terminal speed in the street car catorgary at the flame and thunder show at the pod on saturday Backed up with a 8.90 half an hour later. 8 82 @ 154mph - YouTube if you want to see 1.34 60' from a road...

    Confirmation of new world record

    Its only taken just under two years to get it accepted and validated but finally had confirmation that we set a new guiness world record for.......... the most people polishing a car simultaneously Set at JAE in 2010 with 116 people polishing the stagea at the same time...

    Marham 30-130 Results GTR hits 214mph

    Unfortunatelly I couldnt make this event but some of saturdays results are worth posting First conditions were wet with some standig water on the first part of the runway ! TOP SPEED 214 mph SVM 35 GTR !!!! There was another 35GTR that managed to top 200 BEST 30-!30mph Jeff...

    Fitting a turbo .........some do's and dont,s

    First let me make clear what this is. It is not a detailed account of how to fit a turbo to any particular car. It is an attempt to explain that fitting a turbo to an NA engine isn’t simply a bolt on job Hopefully it will explain what you need to know if you are thinking of doing this and...

    A rare find

    I made an on spec purchase a while ago . I didnt expect it to be exactly as advertised but decide it was worth the risk as it wasnt expensive Arrived Today drum roll..................... An original full colour 28 page...

    What were the best road cars ever made

    I have started this one because people keep putting their choice of best car in the firrst and innovative thread So the criteria for this thread ( if you dont like them start another one :toung: ) Car can be any age or type BUT IT IS FOR ROAD CARS cos thats what we drive. So no rally...

    NISSAN STAGEA FOR SALE £1850 ( Basically a Skyline Estate)

    No not my green one but a very nice 1997 Nissan Stagea RS Four V I have used it as runaround for about a year and am only selling as have just got a much later stagea instead. This is a really straight car with no issues . I know as I am chairman of the UK owners club Standrd spec is...

    Driving in the 70's and 80's

    Re: Anti-lag systems - recommendations? and most of the local police drove round in panda cars which had less horsepower than a fiat 500 :lol: Things will never be the same We should start a thread driving in 70/80s A while back I tried to explain some old expeeriences to...

    WANTED a pair of Toyo proxes 888 s Size 245 40 18

    As the title says I am after a pair of Toyo proxes 888 s Size 245 40 18 . new or used with minimum 4-5mm tread Can collect or arrange courier

    6 second standing quarter with 200mph+ from a Nissan

    Shameless plug for Tony and the guys at Abbey Motoraport who look after my Stagea Of course the times are not mine ( obviously :P ) but from John Bradshaws new car . His old one was the famous blue green project GTST Anyway......................... The 350Zed. . 3 runs yesterday at...

    gtr calipers for sale

    For sale reconditioned rear calipers (2) inc new pipes and new pads for skyline r32 gtr not yet fitted to a car £300 may also have discs ( extra)