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  1. kemo

    Clean up

    I am deleting the following people in this group as they do not contribute or post. Kendra Pertilla Reida Nichols Irene Dennen Rachel Brantley Jivenia Porter Renee Simpkins Andrea Bogle Danni Smith Vicky Cumming Marica Dickert Elmira Chouinard Danielle Grimes Deonna Foerster Lorean Rothschild...
  2. kemo

    Mot Check

    Check the History of you car for MOT'S
  3. kemo

    abbreviation guide

    The automotive industry uses hundreds of abbreviations. With new technology coming out on a regular basis, the list keeps growing and it can be hard to keep up. ABS - Anti-Lock Brakes ABRS - Air Bag Restraint System AIS - Air Injection System Alt. - Alternator A/T - Automatic Transmission...
  4. kemo

    mt75 gearbox linkage cradle

    hi i am looking for a mt75 gearbox linkage cradle to fir a ford sierra 2000e many thanks
  5. kemo

    been a while

    Not been on for a while so just like to say hi sold all my cars and now doing a 1990 ford sierra 2000E as i have gone back to rear wheel drive ( more fun)
  6. kemo

    twin 40s

    hi all has any body got any info on how to balance a set of 40s on a mk2 2000rs any help will be good
  7. kemo

    corsa diesel engine

    Hi all can the engine be taken out with the gearbox left in car is a 1500 diesel many thanks
  8. kemo

    Checks for a MOT

    Preperation for the MOT will greatly increase your chances of a pass. Remember, failing an MOT for something as simple as a brake light bulb is going to cost you a re-test. Although some MOT testing stations offer a free re-test, you will likely find they have higher prices. Phone around for the...
  9. kemo

    trooper parts
  10. kemo

    new project

    here is my new project just got to finish welding up the joints and doing body work then its off to play
  11. kemo

    security for under 2 Quid

    one of the best security devices i have installed on my car and it cost me 1.97 as i dont smoke i thought why have a lighter in the car when i dont use it. so all i did was cut the main ignition wire under the dash and wire it into the cig lighter using the live on one side and the earth on the...
  12. kemo

    just joined up

    Hi i have just joined and so far i like what i see. i drive a fiat marea 2.0 20 valve which is a nice and fast car for a 4 door saloon. but i am sure i can get a lot more out of it. so just a big hi to everyone thanks kemo ( Dave)