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  1. kemo

    Clean up

    I am deleting the following people in this group as they do not contribute or post. Kendra Pertilla Reida Nichols Irene Dennen Rachel Brantley Jivenia Porter Renee Simpkins Andrea Bogle Danni Smith Vicky Cumming Marica Dickert Elmira Chouinard Danielle Grimes Deonna Foerster Lorean Rothschild...
  2. kemo

    Mot Check

    Check the History of you car for MOT'S
  3. kemo

    coupe 2.7 V6 04 plate

    Hyundai's have a learning ECU so will revert back to Factory setting's in time so reset your ECU Firstly bring the car to normal operating temperature by driving for 15 minutes or so. Now open the bonnet and disconnect the earth lead from the battery, ensure this is not touching any part of the...
  4. kemo

    abbreviation guide

    The automotive industry uses hundreds of abbreviations. With new technology coming out on a regular basis, the list keeps growing and it can be hard to keep up. ABS - Anti-Lock Brakes ABRS - Air Bag Restraint System AIS - Air Injection System Alt. - Alternator A/T - Automatic Transmission...
  5. kemo

    Land Rover 53 Suspension, Please Help !

    try these
  6. kemo

    mt75 gearbox linkage cradle

    hi i am looking for a mt75 gearbox linkage cradle to fir a ford sierra 2000e many thanks
  7. kemo

    been a while

    Site is looking good and its good to be back
  8. kemo

    been a while

    things are good mate just been helping to build a mk5 cortina 2.1 pinto twin 45s polly bushed ect now going to start on my 2000e so hows things with you bud
  9. kemo

    been a while

    Not been on for a while so just like to say hi sold all my cars and now doing a 1990 ford sierra 2000E as i have gone back to rear wheel drive ( more fun)
  10. kemo

    Restrictions for new drivers

    the nissan micra is only a 1.0 16v with only 54bhp but its like a little pocket rocket uder the wrong hands it still bends i have lost a few mates who have just passed there test due to lack of experiance i think all new drivers should at least have some form of adanced driving test
  11. kemo

    Just joined

    welcome scotty about time you got your ass on a good site how the GTO coming on you got it back from the tuners yet will catch up soon mate :bigsmile::bigsmile:
  12. kemo

    twin 40s

    hi all has any body got any info on how to balance a set of 40s on a mk2 2000rs any help will be good
  13. kemo

    tips on engine swaps?

    on a auto engine you have to take the sprigert bearing out which is normally a brass ring in the end of the crack shaft if you are fitting a manual gearbox
  14. kemo

    Running costs of supercars

    When i had the firebird 454ci which is 7.5lt used to get 14-18 mpg depending how i drove it. but hey with 675HP at the wheels that was not very often so i ended up doing about 2.5mpg but then i did go up against gto's ect service cost me about £45.00 used to go through brakes more than anything...
  15. kemo

    corsa diesel engine

    Hi all can the engine be taken out with the gearbox left in car is a 1500 diesel many thanks
  16. kemo

    What winds you up about garages

    i once took a car to kwikfit to have some tyres put on and the fitter said i had a leaking shock so i had a word with the manager about it and the fitter said i had oil down the shock i said to him i know about the WD40 trick as i used to work for kwikfit years ago then i said how do gas shocks...
  17. kemo

    Checks for a MOT

    Preperation for the MOT will greatly increase your chances of a pass. Remember, failing an MOT for something as simple as a brake light bulb is going to cost you a re-test. Although some MOT testing stations offer a free re-test, you will likely find they have higher prices. Phone around for the...
  18. kemo

    What is the best jaguar engine?

    My Ex wife died from a Jaguar she opened the door and it jumped out and bit her head off lmao only joking lol the best jag has to be The XJ220 twin-turbo V6
  19. kemo


    if you use 2k you wont need any laquer and only sand the primer and do the repairs first then when that is dry primer all the car and just a light flat with 400 before you spray the paint on
  20. kemo

    Most enjoyable drive - from a reasonably priced car...

    i borrowed my bosses VW Bora diesel (chipped ) and that left most things standing