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  1. pgarner

    Astra and Insignia turbos

    Does anyone on here have either a 1.6 turbo astra or the 2.0t insignia - petrol options. I was tempted by the insignia until i seen the fuel consumption and a few reports of it being worse than the older 2.8 turbo vectra vxr when drinking. the astra is looking like a contender for a next...
  2. pgarner

    Todays tip brought to you by the little one

    Well noticed something on another forum the other day and thought id give it a try. baby bath as a shampoo for your car surprisingly enough it worked very well, its gentle on babys skin so pretty much pH neutral and gave good lubrication, plus smelt nice :)
  3. pgarner

    Snow Foam

    Does anyone else tried using this ? Picked up a Lance - wrong connection on it - for next to nothing on detailing world. Pulled the Karcher lance from parents old one and the joys of most pressure washers using a standard m22 thread meant that it fitted on. Gave it a quick blast with a mix...
  4. pgarner

    Brembo 4 pot brake upgrade

    Item For Sale: 4 pot porsche brembo brake upgrade will fit Mk4 golf Bora Seat leon mk1 A3 99-05 Skoda octavia Audi TT Price: £270 posted £250 collected, can deliver locally for fuel Location: Lockerbie Scotland Condition: all parts used Description & Pictures...
  5. pgarner

    Hey and welcome to all newbie

    Sorry guys im cheating here, as ive not been able to get on much over the last month im just doing one big welcome to all those who have joined. hope you enjoy your time here Pgarner
  6. pgarner

    Why do people drive so slowly in rain

    As above why? and im not on about heavy rain just drizzle. was coming home tonight on a good road there was light rain in places, where this was some were slowing right down to 30mph. does anyone on here slow that much for light rain ? i know ill back off in the rain but not to that extend...
  7. pgarner

    Illegal Chipping ????

    Does anybody have any idea what illegal chipping is and how you can test for it ? page 8 its do do with the new MOT testing that is supposed to be coming into force next year. finally looking like...
  8. pgarner

    winter wheels / tyres

    seeing the frosty mornings are here who has or is looking at winter wheels to keep you nice ones from the rock salt or winter tyres for grip ? i was looking at refitting my original 16" but it looks as if im going to need to space then out to fit over the brakes. and was looking at fitting...
  9. pgarner

    Scratched Headlight polishing (Plastic type)

    Ok something that has bothered me since i got the car is that it looks like someone had tried cleaning the headlights with a brick at some point in its past life So decided today enough was enough and i would have a go at cleaning them up if it went belly up then at least...
  10. pgarner

    1st Attempt with a DA

    Ok have a few swirl marks on both mine and the wifes car, hand polishing does seen to do much, although AG SRP seems to fill them in slightly picked up a DA pretty cheaply on the good old bay but rather than try it out on mine or the wifes car i used the sisters car as a test (basically itll be...
  11. pgarner

    Whats in your cleaning bag ?

    Ok asking all the really clean freaks on here whats in your bag / bucket for cleaning the car ? i have 2 buckets - everything pretty much stays in them AG shampoo AG resin polish Tcut colourfast - for some of the more deeper scratches Bug and Tar remover Megs Quick detailer Megs...
  12. pgarner

    Bordom set in today

    Oh course this is never a good thing now is it !!! the oldies on here will remember i painted my engine cover and a few other parts a while back ( near enough exactly 2 years going by the tread ) at 1st it looked good but them the lacquer didnt like the heat very much and turned it...
  13. pgarner

    So where does road tax actually go ?

    following on from this where does all the road tax go ? google showed what car magazine showed there was 26,208,000 cars on the road in 2006 - its bount to have increased again i took an average price of £155 (mid range bracket for road tax) this means the govt takes £670 269 million of car...
  14. pgarner

    My fingers have rubbed off

    Ok my amp went bang a few weeks ago so had no bass since them. mate happen to say he was selling alot of stuff that he had as hes now going to be a dad. quick offer on his amp ad its mine. plan is find another floor carpet and fill the spare wheel well with expanding foam. cut out the shape for...
  15. pgarner


    a few members are bount to have used them. what is they're delivery times like for parts ? going to be ordering a couple of things off them in the next couple of days but want to try and get it so im off when they arrive
  16. pgarner

    Arhh thermostat is on its way out

    VAG reliability at its best. coming home this morning i noticed the water temp down around 75 degrees, i put this down to traveling slowly and into a strong wind and snow as soon as i put the foot down it cam back up. went out again this afternoon and after 10 miles it was still showing only...
  17. pgarner

    PCD chart

    the below link covers quite a few cars. PCD Offset and bores are shown
  18. pgarner

    Cold Icey Weather

    OK jumped in the car this morning to find there was a nice layer of ice on the windscreen got this from msn last year when winter was starting to set in so how many have the following in their car • Spare mobile phone battery and charger • Torch...
  19. pgarner

    New tyres front or rear ?

    OK whats your views ? me personally i always put new tyres on the front if im getting 2. being based on the fact that the fronts having to deal with the power and the steering. now after doing some reading into it most say the new tyres should be fitted to the rear. main reason being that the...
  20. pgarner

    Nitrac Brake discs

    Anybody used these before ? after a decent set of discs for up front and these came back decently priced (£140 ex delivary) for the pair not bad seeing as the OEM are £70 each from VW or £40 from eurocarparts.