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  1. T9 man

    Nissan Leaf electric car goes further with one-pedal driving
  2. T9 man

    Excuse Me - How Ruddy Much?

    Nearly rolled off my chair in shock disbelief, you have been pre-warned if you are in London from the 23rd of October onwards in the car gentlemen :eek:
  3. T9 man

    France set to ban sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

    A bold move, I shall be watching this one with great interest :)
  4. T9 man

    Volvo to phase out traditional engines

    And so it begins ?-/
  5. T9 man

    Bloodhound supersonic car set for October trials

  6. T9 man

    Richard Hammond is airlifted to hospital after flipping £2million supercar in horror crash

    Good heavens, it's all happening today :confused:
  7. T9 man

    Nasa unveil new design for 'Mars rover' vehicle

    Now that is very radical looking :eek:
  8. T9 man

    Rolls-Royce reveals bespoke 'Sweptail' one-off

    Just take my money <B
  9. T9 man

    Jaguar introduces cashless fuel payment app

    Good idea do you think? ?-/ I suppose it saves the standing in the long queues when you are in a hurry.
  10. T9 man

    A 148-foot vending machine that sells luxury cars

    There I was thinking that I had seen everything in the car world :eek:
  11. T9 man

    Hi-tech car alerts Craigavon police to drunk driver

    You have been warned! ;b/
  12. T9 man

    Vauxhall 'reckless' over Zafira fires, say MPs
  13. T9 man

    Stricter punishments for speeding offences in England and Wales

    Be warned and be careful ladies & gentlemen :)
  14. T9 man

    Driving test: Learners must be able to use sat navs

    This is interesting, a step in the right direction I think.
  15. T9 man

    Video: Bugatti Chiron review | new 261mph hypercar tested

    OMG! Where is my chequebook? ;)
  16. T9 man

    Bloodhound supersonic car record bid slips again
  17. T9 man

    And so it begins, the downfall of diesel I wonder?

  18. T9 man

    Canoe in M1 outside lane stops traffic flow

  19. T9 man

    Four-year MOT exemption for new cars proposed
  20. T9 man

    Co-op ordered to make car insurance quotes clearer

    Agree with this, friend of mine got a quote from another company and was then financially mugged with extras :(