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    MORE-BHP Crewe

    Has any one used MORE-BHP in Crewe for a re-map? Just wondering whether to get my Ibiza cupra 1.4 tsi re-mapped, I suppose this can be done with a DSG box? has any one any experience, Would it be worth doing and would the engine/clutch/ stand up to all this. Car is a 2012 with 9k on the clock.
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    re-map or not!

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a bit of info regarding re-maps, can any one reccomend where I can get a re-map in the Staffordshire area for my ibiza cupra 1.9pd, also would there be much point? It already struggles for grip in the wet now so whats the point of more wheel spin? Can any one offer advice...
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    Wheel spacers.

    :confused: I drive an Ibiza Cupra 1.9pd 160. The rear wheels seem too far under the arches, I read on some forums about fitting spacers to set the wheels out! Is this a good idea? if so what size do I go for and where from? Also will it have any adverse affect on wheel bearings? Any info...
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    Ibiza badgeless grill

    Is there such a thing as a badgeless honeycomb grill for a mk3 Ibiza?
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    If I get my Ibiza Cupra Diesel re-mapped from 160bhp to 190bhp what can I expect in terms of speed, will I have more power in all the 6 gears? Has any one had it done to their Ibiza Cupra?
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    Ibiza Cupra Diesel

    I'm about to swop my Honda ctr for a ibiza cupra diesel on a 55 plate with 47k on the clock, I think I'm doing the right thing especially for the mpg I'll now get...!!!:p