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  1. Prince

    For less than £35k You Could Buy This...

    I may just blown my load... 560bhp of Mustang goodness. :o I want one!! :D
  2. Prince

    Ford Fiesta iPhone Connection?

    Hi all, Just a quick one. My best mate has a Ford Fiesta (2004) and wants to connect his iPhone to it to play music. He's pretty sure there is nothing standard to plug it into. What options does he have?
  3. Prince

    Form Over Function

    Is it me or does this really annoy everyone atm? Accross the BMW forums people seem to be ditching wide tyres and handling in favour of eBay coilovers, budget tyres and just slamming the car as much as possible so they can't actually drive it. They think it looks awesome but I think I don't get...
  4. Prince

    Cleaning Suede/Alcantara?

    Hi all, As per title. What is the best method for cleaning suede/alcantara without ruining it? Has anybody used anything in particular? Thanks.
  5. Prince

    De-Cat Warning (UK)

    Just a heads up for anyone currently running a de-cat or thinking of getting one... As some of you may know, the rule is currently that a de-cat can be used assuming the car still passes the emissions. However, from April 2012 the cat (or a sports cat) must be present for the MOT if the car...
  6. Prince

    BMW BBS Style 5s

    After much thought I have decided to sell my gorgeous Style 5s. The reason being is I need something that offers more clearance for a BBK. They are 17 inch rims. The spec is:- - Front 8J, ET20, RC090 (requires spigot rings to fit an E36) Tyres: Falken 452s 215/40/17 - Rear 8J...
  7. Prince

    In-Car Breathalysers Become Compulsory In France

    I saw this yesterday but forgot to post it. Luckily saw it again today and remembered. See here.
  8. Prince


    You have to read this, and view the video for yourself... Absolute stupidity.
  9. Prince

    Top Gear... Saab Tribute.

    An advanced warning this week as it is the Saab tribute our very own T9 was invited to. I for one am hoping to see his beast given some Stig abuse! Sunday 26th February 2012, 8pm, BBC2.
  10. Prince

    New Peugeot 208 GTi

    I have just seen this and have got to say (even though I'm not really a Pug fan) that the spec looks great and so does the car! 200bhp in a tiny little car. It's about time Peugeot made something worth while. New Peugeot 208 GTi For anybody that just wants to see how pretty it is...
  11. Prince

    Top Gear Reminder 19/2/12

    8pm BBC2.
  12. Prince

    TorqueCars T-Shirts/Polo Shirts

    As I don't think it will get noticed by many where it is. Have a look at this thread here: TorqueCars T-Shirts/Polo Shirts. Represent! :D
  13. Prince

    Top Gear Alert!

    For anybody interested. New series starts tonight. BBC2, 8pm. Tonights episode is a road trip involving the new Lamborghini Aventador, a Noble M600 and a Mclaren MP4-12C.
  14. Prince

    BMW M5 - Diesel Version!

    For those that haven't heard, BMW are planning to release 'M' versions with diesel engines. (HDI's ideal car!) Diesel M5. The figures and ideas actually look very promising and could change performance cars. I'd be very interested to see how it performs versus the petrol version. Any...
  15. Prince

    Helmets ;)

    What helmets does everybody use? Where did you get them from? I'll be wanting my own for when I start doing track days (hopefully this year).
  16. Prince

    Eleanor For Sale!

    Gone In 60 Seconds Mustang. Maybe if we all put our pennies together?
  17. Prince

    Coupe/Saloon/Estate/Hatchback. What do you prefer and why?

    As per title. I prefer coupes because not only do they generally look best imo, but you get the leg room and boot space that the saloon offer. Any other thoughts?
  18. Prince

    Top Gear Christmas Special 28/12/11 8pm

    Just a heads up as this one looks like it's going to be good... Top Gear
  19. Prince

    The Perfect Road Trip

    Yes it's winter soon, but a good road trip takes a lot of planning. So what would be your ideal road trip? Blasting around the Welsh valleys or the Swiss mountains? Visiting tracks around the country? Let's have some ideas!
  20. Prince

    What's Your Suspension Setup?

    I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to post what suspension setup they are running, how it has affected the car (both good and bad) and what changes they plan to make. Please apply the following template... Car: Setup: Advantages: Disadvantages: Planned Changes: